2016 Call for Nominations: CPMT Board of Governers

Positions open for election:

4 Members-at-Large from Regions 1-6, 7 and 9
2 Members-at-Large from Region 8


Term 1 January 2017 through 31 December 2019


Election Principles

The CPMT Board of Governors (BoG) includes 18 Members-at-Large, elected by the full voting membership of the Society. The three-year terms of the Members-at-Large are staggered -- so that six Members-at-Large to the Board of Governors are elected annually.

Members-at-Large are elected to achieve totals proportionate to the geographic distribution of CPMT members. Any IEEE Region/grouping of Regions determined to have at least 10% of total CPMT members will have the proportional number of Member-at-Large positions designated to it for representation on the BoG.  The slate of candidates for each year’s election will be constructed to ensure that the resulting total of newly elected Members-at-Large plus continuing Members-at-Large has the proper proportion of representatives from each Region/grouping of Regions.

Each Region/grouping of Regions will have a separate slate of candidates from that Region.  Voting members will elect members-at-large from within their Region only (that is, members in Region 8 vote for Members-at-Large from Region 8, members in Region 10 vote for Members-at-Large from Region 10; etc.)


Candidates for Member-at-Large must:
  • be current member of both IEEE and CPMT
  • be willing to attend two annual Board meetings
  • be willing to participate actively in areas of their interest (publications, conferences, membership development, chapter development, etc.)


Candidates for election to Member-at-Large positions are selected in two ways -- either by the Society Nominations Committee, or by Candidate petition. 

Selection via Nominations Committee

Self-nominations are allowed.  If nominating someone other than yourself, it must be confirmed that the person is interested in being considered for the slate of candidates and willing to serve if elected.

Nominations should be sent to the Society Executive Office - m.tickman@ieee.org and must include the following:
  • Brief biography, including employment/technical background, service to IEEE and CPMT Society/CPMT Society activities, education, other information (awards, other Society memberships, etc).
  • Statement of interest (addressing areas/activities of the CPMT Society in which nominee would like to participate or contribute).
  • Biography plus statement of interest should not exceed 525 words.   Biography must be in paragraph format.
  • Additional information/documentation (CV, resume) may be submitted in addition to the brief biography.
  • Confirmation of active 2016 IEEE and CPMT membership.
  • Photograph (digital) of candidate.
Nominations will be reviewed and a final slate of candidates for election will be determined by the Society Nominations Committee.

Selection via Petition

Submission of a petition nominating a CPMT Society member in good standing and supported by the identifiable signatures of at least 2% of the eligible voters shall automatically place that member's name on the slate. The minimum number of signatures required is 43 CPMT Society eligible voters (members in good standing above the grade of Student.)  Petition candidates are responsible for compiling their own contact list for signature.  The CPMT Executive Office will not provide candidates with a list of CPMT members.

  • Request establishment of electronic petition process, allowing signatures to be collected on-line.  Potential petition candidates must contact Society Executive Office - m.tickman@ieee.org to implement electronic petition process.  Petition deadline will be Friday 22 July 2016.
  • Prepare a petition that contains candidate name, member number, and statement of candidate qualifications for office.
  • Provide lines for signatories. Each line should include space for a printed name, member number, and signature.  
  • Membership status of all signatories will be validated.  It is suggested that the candidate gather more than 43 signatures in order to assure meeting the minimum required number of valid signatures.
  • Submit petition by mail no later than Friday, 22 July 2016  to:
CPMT Society Nominations Committee
c/o Marsha Tickman
IEEE EPS Executive Office
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08854 USA        
If you have questions or need additional information, contact Marsha Tickman at the above address, by phone at 732-562-5529, or by e-mail at m.tickman@ieee.org