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YOICHI TAIRA (M:  1989) received his B.S. degree from Kyoto University and Ph.D. degree from University of Tokyo, both in Physics. From 1983 to1988, he was an Associate Professor with the Institute for Laser Science, University Electro-Communication, Tokyo.  From 1988 to 2015, he was a Research Staff with IBM Research mostly in Tokyo. From 1989 to 1990, he was with IBM T.J. Watson Research Center.  In 1998, he became an IBM Senior Technical Staff Member.  Since 2015, he has been a Visiting Professor with Keio University. He is also involved in photonic packaging at IBM TJ Watson Research Center. He has been involved in various science and technology areas including technology research on various aspect of lasers including femtosecond laser technology, nonlinear optics, high power laser and UV lasers; VLSI design of memory and CPU; flat panel display technology including liquid crystal and organic light emitting materials; chip packaging including flip chip packaging, underfilling, chip cooling and chip stacking; high performance computer architecture including optical interconnects; nanometer precision fine molding technology, silicon photonic chip packaging and optically transparent adhesives  He is the author of 5 books, more than 160 articles, and more than 60 inventions.

Some of the activities he is involved in for governing and administration of academic, society and related organizations include: Chair of IEEE EPS Japan Chapter; Auditor of Japan Institute of Electronics and Packaging (JIEP); General Chair of the 2017 Annual Meetings of Japan Institute of Electronics and Packaging; Chair of Optical Packaging Technology Committee in Japan Institute of Electronics and Packaging; Member of ECTC Materials and Processing Program Subcommittee


His technical interest includes: Laser science and it application to computer communication; Sensors using optics; Display technology; Precision assembly of electronics/opto-electronic components; Chip cooling and systems cooling; System and network architecture and technology; Technology enabling advanced packaging.