EPS History

In 2017 the IEEE Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Society changed its name to the IEEE Electronics Packaging Society (EPS).

In the year 2000 the CPMT Society celebrated its 50th anniversary.  As part of the celebration, a 50th anniversary history was prepared, documenting the evolution of the Society and its technologies.

"To address the problems of reliability, the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE), the American Institute of   Electrical Engineers (AIEE), and the Electronics Industry Association (EIA) jointly sponsored a "Symposium on Improved Quality Electronic Components” held in Washington, DC in May of 1950. Within the IRE, it was the Professional Group on Instrumentation and Measurement that sponsored the symposium. The IM group had several subcommittees, one of which was the Electronic Components Subcommittee. The people working on the conference grew into the IRE Ad Hoc Group on Components. Eventually, they would become the nucleus of a new IRE professional group, the Professional Group on Component Parts, and that professional group would evolve into the IEEE Society on Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology."

eps timeline

Download IEEE Electronics Packaging Society Timeline (PDF, 2.52MB)


The IEEE EPS and its Technologies 1950 - 2000
 (2.07 Mb)

1950s ....
• Components and the Search for Reliability
• AIEE, IRE, EIA Symposium on Improved Quality Electronic Components
• Dummer’s Prediction
• Standards
• Formation of IRE Professional Group on Component Parts
• Circuit Board Developments
• Miniaturization, Heat Dissipation, Hybrid Technologies

• IRE Professional Group on Product Engineering and Production
• Commercial Applications
• Increasing Density on the Circuit Board
• Pure Molding Compounds
• VLSI Workshops
• Hybrid Circuit
• Darnell Report on Reliability
• Telstar
• Improvements in Contacts
• Beam Leads
• Flip Chips
• C4
• Dual in-line Packaging
• Photoetching

• IEEE Manufacturing Technology Society Formed
• High-Density Packaging Using Ceramic Chip Carriers
• Chip Carrier Task Force
• Personal Computers

1980s and Beyond....
• Wireless Communications
• Molded Plastic Packages
• Japan’s Emphasis on Reliability
• IEEE Journals on Components
• Packaging Technology as a Profession