Governing Documents

The EPS Constitution and Bylaws are the governing documents specific to Society activties.

These documents conform to and do not conflict with the provisions of the IEEE governing documents.

IEEE Electronics Packaging Society Operations Manual

IEEE Electronics Packaging Society Strategic Plan

EPS Board of Governors Organization 

The EPS is managed by a Board of Governors (BoG) composed of elected and appointed volunteer members.  Society Officers are the President and Vice Presidents, each are elected biannually by the BoG for a two-year term.

Eighteen Members-at-Large are elected by the full voting membership of the Society -- six are elected each year for a three-year term of office. One additional Member-at-Large positioned is reserved for a Young Professional. 

Program Directors may be appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the BoG to provide focused strategic planning and oversight of key existing and emerging Society areas.

Standing Committees are established by the BoG to coordinate and oversee activities in a variety of operational and strategic areas.