Electronics Manufacturing Technology Award

To recognize major contributions to Electronic Manufacturing Technology in fields encompassed by the EPS.
US$3,000 and Certificate
Basis for Judging:
Contributions may include technical development of, or management (directing) of major new electronic manufacturing processes; significantly increasing yield and/or reliability of established manufacturing processes, etc. Contributions must be sustained and continuing over a period of at least 15 and preferably 20 years.  Work in the management of EPS conferences or its BoG may be contributory but not sufficient to receive the award.
Membership in IEEE or the EPS is not required.
A minimum of 3 endorsements is requested. (Endorsers do not need to be current EPS members)



Charlie Zhai photo

Charlie Zhai
Apple Inc., USA

For his vision and industry leadership in innovating and productizing advanced packaging technology to reshape the mobile industry.



2021 Yong Liu

For extensive research and development in the field of analog and power packaging manufacturing assembly process modeling, reliability  prediction and innovation.


2020 Mostafa Aghazadeh

for sustained excellence in leading the worlds's largest Assembly Development effort to deliver state of the art advanced multi-chippackaging technologies.


2019 Jie Xue

for over 20 years of technical contributions to the microelectronic packaging industry


2018 Douglas Yu

for the Development and high-volume manufacturing of interposers and Wafer-Level Fan-Out Packaging.


2017  Daniel Lu

for significant contributions to improve the manufacturing process of mobile devices with innovative materials and processing solutions.


2016  Yifan Guo

for pioneering work in development and mass production of new packaging technologies and processes, including the first BGA interconnection, as well as characterization methodologies for reliability evaluation/predication and thermal solutions in semiconductor packaging.


2015  Steve Bezuk

for pioneering development, manufacturing and implementation work in mobile device packaging in the areas of interconnect technology, package structures, and package and substrate materials development and reliability.


2014  Raj Master

for pioneering managerial and technical leadership in packaging technology and manufacturing, thermal solutions, substrate technology and manufacturing, and flip chip bumping that significantly impacted advancements of electronic products in the industry.


2013  Wen-Pin (Louie) Huang

for contributions to the development and implementation of copper wire bond technology in high volume production.


2012  Chin C. Lee

for significant enhancements to interconnect manufacturing through research, invention and education.


2011 Mark Brillhart

for developing manufacturing technologies and industry supply chain capabilities in the areas of high-performance ASIC packaging, system in package, 3D and wafer-level packaging of high-speed memory and optics, and advanced coreless organic substrates for high-reliability networking products


2010 Ning-Cheng Lee

for being a driving force in removing the ‘art’ of SMT assembly and replacing it with science.


2009 Ho-Ming Tong

for pioneering development, manufacturing and implementation work in flip chip packaging, in applications spanning high-end computing to cost-sensitive applications in computing, communications, consumer and car electronics.


2008 Shi-Wei (Ricky) Lee 

for his significant research in various areas of packaging, and his worldwide dissemination of that research through teaching, authored books, journals, articles, technical conference presentations and short courses.


2007 Herbert Reichl

for his outstanding contributions in research and education in the field of microelectronics packaging and for his pioneering role in the integration of reliability aspects.


2006 Nasser Grayeli

for contributions to electronic packaging and assembly technologies through leadership in Intel Corporation and iNEMI.


2005 Robert C. Pfahl, Jr.

for developing new manufacturing processes, reducing the environmental impact of electronic manufacturing processes,2007 and fostering collaboration within the manufacturing technology community.


2004 Michael J. Varnau

for his major contributions in automotive electronic packaging, printed solder flip chip technology development and high volume implementation.


2003  Bruce Freyman

for his pioneering work in developing the PBGA package and for his vision and drive in making the PBGA package and its format commercially successful.


2002 Scott Kulicke


2001 Walt Trybula


2000 Rama Shukla 


1999 Dimitry Grabbe


1998 Paul Totta


1997 No award given


1996 Michael Cassidy


1995 No award given