Exceptional Technical Achievement Award

2023 Award Nomination Period Extended to February 14, 2023

September 15, 2022 - February 14, 2023

 Nomination Form

To recognize an individual, or group of individuals (no more than three), for exceptional technical achievement in the fields encompassed by the EPS.
US$2,500 and Certificate
Basis for Judging:
Technical contributions of the nominee(s) must be such that they are considered to be exceptional, not achieved by most members. A single major contribution will qualify for this award. The contribution could be a significant invention, introduction of a significantly new and important technology or product (in which case, the nominee may be a team leader), or significant work that advances the state-of-the-art in EPS's field of interest. The technical contributions must be documented by open literature publications such as papers, patents, books, and reports (available to the public). Technical recognition and awards from the organization employing the individual as well as awards from other IEEE and non-IEEE technical societies may also be contributory. 
Recipient(s) must have been a member of IEEE and EPS for at least the past three years and renewed for the year of the Award.
A minimum of 3 endorsements is requested. (Endorsers do not need to be current EPS members)


photo ZhangYuePing

Yueping Zhang
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

photo DLiu

Diuxian Liu
IBM Thomas Watson Research Center, USA

Xiaoxiong Gu

Xiaoxiong Gu
Metawave Corporation, USA

 For seminal contributions to the development of antenna-in-package (AiP) technology that have had a profound impact on electronic packaging.



2021 Beth Keser

for seminal contributions and leadership in Fan-out Wafer Level Packaging. 


Tanja Braun 

for seminal contributions and leadership in Fan-out Wafer Level Packaging.

2020 Bing Dang

for contributions to the research and development of 2.5D and 3D system integration, interconnect technologies and materials processes.

2019 Chuan-Seng Tan

 for technical contributions and leadership in 3D packaging and integration, particularly on solder-less Cu-Cu bonding and     innovations in TSV technology.

2018 Muhannad Bakir, Kuan-Neng Chen and Katsuyuki Sakuma

for contributions to 2.5D and 3D IC heterogeneous integration, with focus on interconnect technologies.

2017 Ephraim Suhir

 for the development of numerous probabilistic design concepts that enable effective and rapid assessment of the probability or failure of electronic products.

2016 Xiaobing Luo

for exceptional contribution in modeling and experimental characterization of IC/LED packaging, focusing primarily on thermal packaging and innovations in packaging processes.

2015 Xiaowu Zhang

for major contributions in the area of 2.5D/3D ICs integration, focusing primarily on process development and reliability, and stress sensor technology.

2014  Pradeep Lall

for exceptional contributions in the areas of shock, drop and vibration reliabilitty of electronic products.

2013  Yong Liu

for extensive contributions to analog and power packaging, focusing primarily on manufacturing assembly process modeling, reliability prediction,and innovations in analog and power packaging

2012  Andrew A. O. Tay

for exceptional contributions to reliability modeling and the understanding of delamination and popcorn failure of IC packages.

2011  Xuejun Fan

for major contributions in the area of modeling and characterization of moisture-related reliability in IC packaging, including theoretical model development, validation, numerical implementation, test methodology development and design.

2010  Michael Pecht 

for his seminal contributions in the area of electronics reliability from which he developed the new and significant field of prognostics for electronics.

2009  Sheng Liu

for his pioneering work on multi-physics and multi-scale modeling for manufacturing process modeling and reliability qualification coupled with the development of various validation tools.

2008  James Jian-Qiang Lu 

for his pioneering contributions to and leadership in 3D integration/packaging, spanning nearly 20 years and resulting in more than 150 publications in refereed journals, book chapters, trade press journals and conferences.

2007  Chin C. Lee

for his pioneering contributions to fluxless soldering and bonding technology.

2006  Ning-Cheng Lee

for contributions to surface mount technology and electronic packaging assembly.

2005  Tseung-Yuen Tseng

for his contributions to the applied technology and basic science in electronic ceramics, in particular to ceramic capacitors.

2004  Johan Liu

for his major research contributions in the area of conductive adhesives for electronic interconnect applications for a wide variety of industrial and consumer products.

2003  Michael McShane, Paul Lin and Howard Wilson

for co-inventing the PBGA package that resulted in new and revolutionary applications for existing electronics packaging technologies.

2002  C.P. Wong