Outstanding Sustained Technical Contribution Award

To recognize outstanding sustained and continuing contributions to the technology in fields encompassed by the EPS.
US$3,000 and Certficate
Basis for Judging:
Technical contributions must be sustained and continuing over a period of at least 15 and preferably 20. One major contribution will not qualify. Must be documented by open literature publications such as papers, patents, books and reports (available to the public).
Recipient must have been a member of IEEE and EPS for at least the past three years and renewed for the year of the Award.
A minimum of 3 endorsements is requested. (Endorsers do not need to be current EPS members)


mukta farooq

Mukta Farooq


For leadership and intellectual property in packaging technology including development and qualification of 3D logic modules and lead-free interconnect alloys.



2021 William R. Bottom

For outstanding entrepreneurship and sustained visionary leadership that continues to foster microelectronics packaging innovation and comprehensive technology roadmapping.


2020 Kuo-Ning Chiang 

For his leadership, sustained and outstanding contributions to the design-on-simulation technology, AI assisted design and reliability assessment of advanced packaging. 


2019 S.W. Ricky Lee

For two decades of continuous contributions and professional leadership in multiple technical fields encompassed by EPS, including solder joint reliability, lead free transition 3D IC integration, and LED packaging. 


2018 Pradeep Lall

For outstanding sustained contributions to the design, reliability and prognostics for harsh environment electronics systems. 


2017 Xuejun Fan 

For sustained and outstanding contributions to the modeling and characterization of IC packaging, LED packaging and system reliability, and new interconnect material development in wafer level packaging, 3D integration and power electronics packaging.


2016 Minhua Lu

For outstanding contributions to the fundamental understanding, optimization, and manufacturing implementation of Pb-free solders and contact metal layers for high performance chip interconnects.


2015  GQ (Kouchi) Zhang

For 20 years of technical leadership in technology strategy development and scientific excellence in heterogeneous micro/nano-electronics packaging, system integration and reliability.


2014  Madhavan Swaminathan

For significant and sustained contributions that have helped shape the design aspects of packaging in the areas of power delivery, System on Package (SOP) technologies and 3D Integration.


2013  Dongkai Shangguan

For 20 years of technical leadership, especially in the areas of of lead-free and environmentally conscious electronics and advanced microelectronics packaging and assembly technologies for product miniaturization and functional densification.


2012  Tseung-Yuen Tseng

For outstanding sustained contributions in passive component, electronic ceramic and nanoceramic technologies.


2011  John Lau

For a decades-long record of developing and communicating packaging platform, material and process advancements through research and development leadership, publications and professional training.


2010  Frank Shi

For his accomplishments in multiple fields including optoelectronic packaging technology development, device and packaging materials development, electronic packaging and manufacturing technology development; and his leadership in the technology transfer of these developments from a research environment to an industrial commercialization and production environment.


2009  Moises Cases

For expertise in system level electrical packaging design and integration, including system level timing for high performance digital systems encompassing multiple boards and cable subsystems.


2008  Jianmin Qu 
For his significant impact on the electronic packaging industry through 15 years of research and development in micro-electronic packaging, primarily in reliability modeling and analysis, resulting in one book, nine book chapters, 90 publications in refereed journals, and 110 conference presentations.


2007  Philip E. Garrou

For 25 years of technical contributions and leadership in thin film dielectric materials and microelectronic applications including multichip modules, bumping and wafer level packaging.


2006  Jorma Kivilahti 

For contributions to the development of novel electronic and opticalintegration techniques and the reliability of electronic products.


2005  I. Charles Ume     

For his contributions to thermomechanical reliability in electronic packaging.


2004  Luu T. Nguyen       

For his major contributions in wafer level packaging, lead-free packaging, and for research collaboration and technology transfer in the area of electronic packaging.


2003  Thiam Beng Lim            

For his leading edge research in advanced packaging technologies, and for managing and transferring the electronic packaging research and development to industry and other research organizations worldwide.


2002 Avram Bar-Cohen         

2001 George Harman           

2000 Ephraim Suhir           

1999 Toshi Watari            

1998 Kanji Otsuka      

1996 Leonard Schaper                 

1995 C.P. Wong


1994 Takaaki Ohsaki          

1993 Rao R. Tummala          

1992 Peter M. Hall