Outstanding Young Engineer Award

2024 Award Nomination Period Closed

Nomination Form 

To recognize outstanding contributions to the fields encompassed by the EPS through invention, technical development, publications, or new product implementation.
US$1,500 and Certificate
Basis for Judging:
Technical contributions through patent invention, contributions to technology or product development within the EPS Field of Interest. May encompass management (directing) of significant new product introduction or implementation of major new electronic manufacturing processes; significantly increasing yield and/or reliability of established manufacturing processes. Contributions to the Society, through the BoG, Conferences, Chapters, etc., will also be considered. Proof of contributions may consist of open literature publications (preferred) such as papers, patents, books, and reports (available to the public). At least three (3) letters from peers and management at the nominee's place of employment attesting to the accomplishment(s) can be accepted in lieu of publications.
Recipient must be a current member of IEEE and EPS, and have been a member of IEEE and EPS for at least the past three years and renewed for the year of the Award.  Recipient must be less than 35 years of age on 31 December of the year before the award year.
A minimum of 2 endorsements is requested (Endorsers do not need to be current EPS members)


Siva Chandra Jangam Photo

SivaChandra Jangam

Apple, Inc., USA

For outstanding contribution in development of Silicon Interconnect Fabric (Si-IF) platform, SuperCHIPs protocol for intent-die  communication and for successful demonstration of this novel integration scheme for DSP system-on-IF.

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