Outstanding Young Engineer Award

2023 Award Nomination Period Extended to February 14, 2023

September 15, 2022 - February 14, 2023

Nomination Form 

To recognize outstanding contributions to the fields encompassed by the EPS through invention, technical development, publications, or new product implementation.
US$1,500 and Certificate
Basis for Judging:
Technical contributions through patent invention, contributions to technology or product development within the EPS Field of Interest. May encompass management (directing) of significant new product introduction or implementation of major new electronic manufacturing processes; significantly increasing yield and/or reliability of established manufacturing processes. Contributions to the Society, through the BoG, Conferences, Chapters, etc., will also be considered. Proof of contributions may consist of open literature publications (preferred) such as papers, patents, books, and reports (available to the public). At least three (3) letters from peers and management at the nominee's place of employment attesting to the accomplishment(s) can be accepted in lieu of publications.
Recipient must be a current member of IEEE and EPS, and have been a member of IEEE and EPS for at least the past three years and renewed for the year of the Award.  Recipient must be less than 35 years of age on 31 December of the year before the award year.
A minimum of 2 endorsements is requested (Endorsers do not need to be current EPS members)


Photo FumihiroInoue cropped

Fumihiro Inoue

Yokohama National University, Japan



2021 Bo Song

For outstanding contribution to the development of advanced packaging materials and nanofabrication technology, as well as his service to the IEEE EPS society

2020 Yew Hoong Wong

for his contributions to the field of electronic packaging materials and semiconductor fabrication technologies through novel material and process development, as well as continuous service to EPS.


Ziyin Ling

for outstanding contributions to the develpment of encapsulation materials and process for advanced flip-chip packaging and heterogeneous integration.


Zhuo Lin

for her outstanding contribution to the materials and process development in the area of flexible and hybrid electronics and the service to the EPS and WIE Society.

2019 Adeel Bajwa

for his contributions to interconnects technology, both in fine-pitch and power electronics.

2018  No recipient

2017  Yan Liu

for outstanding contributions to the field of electronic packaging materials and nanotechnology through work in the superhydrophobic surface for energy and electronic applications, novel polymeric materials for advanced coating and electronic packaging.

2016  No recipient

2015  Liangliang Li

for outstanding technical contributions to thermal interface materials and lead-free soldering materials through novel material synthesis and technology development, as  well as service to the CPMT Society as organizer and Advisor of the CPMT Tsinghua University–Qing Hua Student Branch Chapter.


Jeffery C.C. Lo

for outstanding technical achievements in LED packaging development and component reliability assessment, and leadership within the CPMT Hong Kong Chapter.

2014 Yi Li

for outstanding contributions to the field of electronic packaging materials and nanotechnology through work in the design, synthesis and characterization of polymericcomposite materials, especially conductive adhesives for electronic packaging.

2013  Dong Gun Kam

for development of a low-cost 60-GHz antenna-in-package solution that uses standard organic printed circuit board processes, and contributions to system-level signal integrity analysis, high-speed package design and signal integrity and EMI/EMC research.

2012  Mudasir Ahmad

for exceptional contributions to microelectronics packaging reliability design and assessment, and the CPMT Society.

2011  Muhannad Bakir

for contributions to the advancement of 3D electrical, optical and thermal interconnect and packaging technologies, and to the professional and publication areas of the CPMT Society.

2010  Shaw Fong Wong

for his contributions in the area of component level solder joint reliability for flip chip packaging, as well as his development of a reliability degradation model for thermal interface materials.

2009  Madhusudan Iyengar

for exceptional and sustained technical innovations over the last five years that have resulted in cutting edge cooling technology and products with realizable benefits to the IT industry and its customers.

2008  Zhuqing Zhang

for her outstanding contributions to the no-flow underfill process, most specifically for her invention of the double layer no-flow underfill and “nano-silica no-flow” underfill which eliminated the barrier of these applications in high performance driver packages.

2007  Myung J. Yim

for his outstanding contributions to the field of electronic packaging materials and technology through his numerous inventions and technical publications, and for services to the CPMT Society.

2006  Teck-Joo Goh

for his contributions to microelectronic packaging research and technology development and for supporting CPMT Society activities and conferences.

and  Ravi Prasher

for contributions to thermal design and management of electronic packages, including micro-channel based cooling, nanofluidics, and thermal interface materials, and for supporting IEEE EPS activities and journals.

2005  Lara J. Martin

for her contributions to electronic product development, manufacturing, and reliability and for supporting CPMT Society activities and conferences.

2004  Daoqiang Lu

for his outstanding contributions to electrically conductive adhesives and advanced interconnect technologies and for supporting CPMT Society activities.

and   Shijian Luo

for his outstanding contributions to underfills for flip chip packaging, and materials and processes for wafer level packaging and for supporting CPMT Society activities.

and   Lei L. Mercado

for her outstanding contributions to the development of industry standards for electronic package reliability assessment, RF MEMS designs and copper low-k packaging and for supporting CPMT Society activities.

2003  Emmanouil Tentzeris

for his contributions to RF circuit design of high performance IC devices and to IEEE and CPMT Society sponsored conferences and activities.

2002  Christine Kallmayer and Li Li

2001 Charles Wee Ming Lee

2000 Matt Schwiebert

1999 Corey Koehler

1998 Thomas Swirbel

1996 Michael S. Lebby