Bio Brunschwiler

THOMAS BRUNSCHWILER (M’10-SM’13) is a Research Staff Member at IBM Research – Zurich. He conducts physical science in the field of functional microelectronic packaging, to support density, performance and efficiency scaling of future server systems. In this context he performed his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin, entitled “Interlayer Thermal Management of High-Performance Microprocessor Chip Stacks”. Currently, he focuses on nano-based thermal and electrical interconnects, micro-scale convective heat transfer and granular power delivery. His expertise spans the complete research-development-innovation cycle including modeling, micro and nano-processing and characterization.
Furthermore, he coordinates IBM internal and governmental funded projects. Currently, he is the coordinator of two European FP7 research projects, one SNF and one DARPA project named, and ICECool, with the goal to provide percolating thermal underfills, all-copper interconnects and a silicon-interposer platform with heat-removal, voltage regulation and optical communication capabilities, convective heat removal by flow boiling and drying of colloidal suspensions in porous media.
Thomas Brunschwiler also acted as a technical assistant of the Director of IBM Research – Zurich. In this role, he performed scientific and strategic planning including the following initiatives: education and support of the technical community, managing research assets, communication with and hosting of technical executives, evaluation of the impact of IBM Research and technical advisory consultant in the ICT platform of the SATW.
Thomas Brunschwiler authored and co-authored over 80 publications, two book chapters and more than 50 patents. He is currently in the committee of several technical conferences, such as ITHERM (IEEE, CPMT) and InterPACK (ASME) and is a Senior Member of IEEE and serves in the board of the Swiss Physical Society. Thomas Brunschwiler will be the program chair of ITHERM in 2017, after two periods as a track chair.
Thomas Brunschwiler also received several awards, such as: IBM internal Outstanding Achievement Award on “Hot water cooled zero-emission datacenters”; Recipient of five best paper awards; Status of an IBM Master Inventor since 2013; Honored in 2009 with the “Harvey Rosten Award” at SEMI-Therm; Honored in 1999 with the medal for outstanding merits for an outstanding bachelor thesis.