Bio Pearsall


KITTY PEARSALL (AM’84-M’01-SM’02) received the BS degree in Metallurgical Engineering (1971) from the UT El Paso. Kitty received the MS and Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering and Materials from the UT Austin in 1979 and 1983 respectively. Kitty worked for IBM from 1972 to 2013. In 2005 Kitty was appointed an IBM Distinguished Engineer and was elected to the IBM Academy of Technology. Kitty was a process consultant and subject matter expert working on strategic initiatives impacting component qualification and end quality of procured commodities. She engaged with worldwide teams implementing cross-brand, cross commodity processes/products that delivered high quality/high reliability end product.

Kitty received 4 IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards; holds 9 US patents; 2 patents pending; and 8 published disclosures. She has numerous internal publications as well as 22 external publications in her field. Kitty is a licensed Professional Engineer (Texas since 1993). Kitty was the recipient of the UT Austin - Cockrell Engineering Distinguished Engineering Graduate Award in 2007 followed by induction into the UT Mechanical Engineering Dept. Academy of Distinguished Alumni in 2008. Kitty was awarded the Women in Technology Fran E. Allan Mentoring Award (2006) in recognition of her people development both in and outside of IBM. Currently Kitty is President of Boss Precision Inc. and works as an Independent consultant. This has included a one year engagement with Shainin Corporation.

Kitty is an active member in IEEE and CPMT. She is a member of TMS, American Society of Metals, and WIE. Kitty has more than 22 years’ experience with ECTC serving as a member of the ECTC Manufacturing Technology Committee (1993-2013) and as the Professional Development Course Chair since 2006. During Kitty's 10 years on the CPMT Board of Governors she has served in many roles: Member at Large, Strategic Awards Director, VP of Education and currently Director of Chapter Programs. In each role Kitty made key contributions.

Kitty introduced the Regional Contribution Awards. She established the baseline for the CPMT Distinguished Lecturer’s (DLs) Program. The history of the DLs presentations to Universities, Research Centers, Conferences and CPMT Chapters was charted to determine if the program was meeting its founding principal; i.e., primarily supporting the CPMT chapters. Review of the data noted that this was not the case. Therefore Kitty focused on increasing Chapter usage which did improve over time. DL Budget tracking of planned versus actuals was initiated. Lastly, Kitty documented the roles and responsibilities of the VP Education and passed these on to the new VP. As Director of Chapter Programs Kitty is focusing on worldwide Chapter Communication as well as ensuring Chapters know their benefits and how to access them. First deliverable was a Worldwide Chapter Communication Survey highlighting best practices amongst them.