Bio Mattila


TONI MATTILA (M’08) is a research scientist and docent at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland where he leads a research team that focuses on the reliability of electronic devices. He received his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering in 2005 and an M.Sc. degree in materials science and engineering in 1999 from the Helsinki University of Technology (HUT). Since 1996, he has been working with electronics production technologies and reliability of electronic devices both in industrial and academic settings. Before joining HUT in 1999 he worked in Tellabs and Nokia.

Toni’s research has focused on electronics production technologies, soldering in electronics, failure mechanisms of electronic assemblies, MEMS technologies, and the development of improved methods for reliability assessment and lifetime prediction. Within the framework of his research Toni has been working in close co-operation with international electronics industry, research institutions and universities. His research has so far resulted in over fifty publications in scientific and technical journals and conferences. In addition, Toni has authored seven book chapters, held several professional tutorials during conferences and been a frequent speaker at conferences, seminars and technology fairs. He is also a frequent reviewer in several scientific journals, including CPMT Transactions.

Since 2008, Toni has been Chairman of the CPMT Finland Chapter. During this time he has, together with other board members, developed and revitalized local activities. More than 100 people attend seminars and events organized by the CPMT Finland chapter annually.  He has also established firm connections between the CPMT chapters in Scandinavia. Toni is currently an elected member of the Board of Governors of the CPMT.

Toni also works actively in the IEEE Finland Section, where he has been a member of the executive committee since 2008, and served in various positions. Other IEEE activities include, for example, a membership of technical committees for all three Electronics System Integration Technology Conferences (ESTC). In the past he has also acted in several other positions of trust. For example, he has been the chairman of a housing association for ten years.