Bio McCann

DAVID MCCANN (M’89) I am currently Vice President of Post Fab at GLOBALFOUNDRIES in Malta, New York, responsible for worldwide interconnect and packaging technology development, wafer bump and test factories, and outsourced (OSAT) strategy and operations performance. I have been at GLOBALFOUNDRIES for 5 years. Prior to this, I was VP of the Flip Chip Business Unit at Amkor Technology in Chandler, AZ, where I was responsible for the business and technology development of flip chip and other advanced technologies for high performance product applications. This required significant time spent in Asia at Amkor factories and with customers building relationships that enabled the technology development and business to follow. I worked at Amkor for 10 years. Prior to Amkor, I worked at Biotronik in Portland, OR for 10 years in different roles including Technology Development, Process Engineering, Product Engineering, and Production on pacemakers and implanted defibrillators. Prior to Amkor I worked at Bipolar Integrated Technology and American Microsystems.  Throughout my career, my focus has been the intersection of technology and business.

Educational background: MS Engineering Management, 1985, Santa Clara University; BS Ceramic Engineering, 1981, University of Illinois.

CPMT-related activities include (dates are approximate): ECTC Interconnect Committee: 1998-2010, 10 year service recognition; Chair and participant in various ECTC panels and sessions 2002-2015; ECTC Interconnect Chair: 2005-2006; ECTC ExComm: 2008-2014; ECTC General Chair: 2012 ECTC Sponsorship Chair: 2013-2016.

Beyond the ECTC ExComm responsibilities, I focused on improving the operating procedures and clarity of roles in executive committee. We now have documented roles for each ExComm role. The roles enable maintaining the advantages of job rotation while minimizing the risk of gaps, and ensuring we have a path to continue to update “organizational learning” and pass it on. Later, I took on Sponsorships, increasing Sponsorship support from $25k to $200k and from ~7 companies to ~25 companies. This impacted not only the finances of the conference but was also seen as a value to the industry by providing opportunity for our sponsors to get their message out to key people and well as a value to the participants. We introduced new sponsorship opportunities such as the Internet Sponsorship and Student Interactive Sponsorship as well as methods, such as mini-movies looping in public areas.