Bio Reynolds


THOMAS G. REYNOLDS III (M’92, SM ‘04) Dr. Reynolds received his PHD from Brown University  in  1972  where  he  worked on synthetic  inorganic chemistry of electronic materials.  His MS (1966) and BS (1964) were from the University of Virginia in Materials Science and  Mechanical Engineering respectively. Tom has worked in the field of  electronic ceramic materials and other advanced technologies for more than 35 years.

Retiring in 2003, from 1992 Tom was the Director of Technology at Murata Electronics N.A., Inc.  He has worked in the areas of leading edge designs in decoupling capacitors, hard disk drive activation, LTCC modules, and integrated passive components.   He has acted as liaison between American designs and Asian development activities, as well as in  merger and acquisition analysis.   Prior to joining Murata, Dr. Reynolds worked for Philips Electronics for 18 years in both the US and Europe, developing processes and methods for electronic (dielectric) ceramics, and from 1968 to 1973 he was staff scientist at Texas Instruments.

Tom has been involved with CPMT and ECTC (Electronic Components Technology Conference) for more than 19 years.  He was General Chair for  ECTC in 2000 and was active for several years following this as Finance Chairman. He is also a Senior Member of IEEE. Tom has been a member of the CPMT Board of Governors since 2004 and VP of Finance since 2006.  In addition he is currently  serving as Treasurer of the ECTC.

Additional activities and responsibilities include Treasurer of the Ft Walton Sail & Power Squadron of the United States Power Squadron and he  was Commodore of the Ft Walton Yacht Club in 2006.  Tom  also served on the Board and the Finance Committee of that Club from 2007 -2010.   Tom is also a Founding Member of the Florida Commodores Association -  an association of more than 250 with the goal of fostering communication, guidance and mentoring of  past present and future leaders.   Tom is also a member of the Institute for Senior Professionals (North West Florida State College), an association of business, professional, medical and military professionals to advise and serve the local community based on their experience and expertise.