Form an EPS Student Chapter

EPS Program Director, Student Programs:  Mark Poliks


Minimum of six members of the EPS in the Student Branch to sign the new Student Branch Chapter Petition 



Student Branch Chapter Petition Process 

1. Ensure there is an existing IEEE Student Branch at your University. If not, you need at least 12 IEEE student members to form one, via a separate online petition. 

2. Ensure that you have at least 6 EPS student members. If not, you need to get 6 IEEE student members to join EPS first via

3. Get a faculty who is an existing member of IEEE and EPS to agree to act as Advisor. You need to enter some of their personal details including IEEE membership number.  

4. Get one of the EPS student members in your university to serve as the Interim Student Branch Chapter Chair and ask them to submit the petition online at Submit SBC Petition.

5. Note that there is no need for you to provide the details of the group of founding EPS student members nor to get their signatures. The online system will automatically send emails to all the EPS student members in your university to request them to endorse the petition. You may only need to inform the student members to expect the email and to endorse it accordingly. The online system will similarly send an email to your university’s IEEE Student Branch Advisor to get their approval. If you should have any difficulties, please go to the following link to get help or more information: MGA online-submission-process information


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