Resources for Conference Organizers

IEEE MCE Guidelines on COVID-19 for Conference Organizers

Coronavirus Information for Conference Websites

Virtual Event Resources

Whether your conference is organized and managed by volunteers, paid staff, or a combination of volunteers and paid staff -- a wealth of information is available at the links listed below.

For those that are new to conference committees, starting a new role, or organizing a new conference, start here for an overview and the MCE conference education program.

Conference Organizer's Handbook

Financially Sponsored Conference Timeline

Technically Sponsored Conference Timeline

Starting a new conference

Roles and responsibilities on a conference committee

Conference Contracts

Conference education program

IEEE MCE Health and Safety

Managing a conference role or committee? These pages list the responsibilities, activities, and timelines. They include a summary of all requirements and links to all forms and templates.

Setting up an annual conference

Managing conference finances

Planning a technical program

Publishing conference papers

Coordinating conference registration

IEEE Event Registration - Terms and Conditions

GDPR Compliance

GDPR and Mobile Apps

GDPR and Social Media

Managing exhibits

Publicizing a conference

Sending a Call for Papers

Closing conference finances