Distinguished Lecturer Program

EPS Vice President, Education: Eric Perfecto

EPS Distinguished Lecturers are selected from among  EPS Fellows, Award winners, and Society leaders, who are members of the technical community and experts in their field.  They are available to present lectures and/or courses at EPS events – Chapters, Conferences, Workshops or Symposia; as well as IEEE Student Chapter events.  EPS Chapter events are given priority.

The EPS may provide travel assistance directly to the Lecturer when requested and approved. Availability is determined by the Lecturer, based on his/her schedule.  All events must receive approval from the EPS VP, Education prior to final commitment.

The EPS Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) aims at serving communities interested in the scientific, engineering, and production aspects of materials, component parts, modules, hybrids and micro-electronic systems for all electronic applications.

Lecturers will tailor their presentations to the intended audience. The DLP strives to support EPS Chapters worldwide by helping them to invite leading researchers in their respective fields and IEEE Student Chapters to encourage students to pursue EPS related fields and to join the EPS society. 

Requests for lectures given by one of the EPS Distinguished Lecturers (DL) must be submitted by the Chapter Chairs or the Conference/Workshop/Symposium Chair via the online DL Program Request form according to the procedure described below.

DL lectures (live or virtual) which are recorded should be place in the EPS Resource Center by obtaining a signed Webinar Consent form

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If you are interested in nominating an EPS Distinguished Lecturer, please contact the EPS Vice President, Education:Eric Perfecto

EPS Distinguished Lecturers

Ramachandra Achar (7/1/2020 - 6/30/2024)

Department of Electronics, Carleton University  

Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

Topics:  CAD tools and methodologies for interconnects, packages, and systems with an emphasis on signal, power and EMI integrity


Mudasir Ahmad (1/2022 -12/2025) 



Topics:  Internet of Things (IoT), Advanced Packaging, 2.5D, Heterogeneous Silicon Photonics, Advanced Reliability (Thermomechanical, Mechanical Shock), Numerical Modeling, Advanced Thermal Solutions, Stochastic Analysis, Bayesian Inference, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence 


Kemal Aygün, Ph.D. (7/1/2020 - 6/30/2024)
Intel Corporation

Chandler,  AZ  USA
Topics: Package/socket/board/interconnect technologies, electrical simulation methodology and lab metrologies


Muhannad Bakir, Ph.D. (1/2020-1/2024) 

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Georgia Institute of Technology 

Atlanta, GA USA 

Topics: Emerging interconnection architectures and technologies; heterogeneous system design and integration 


W. Dale Becker, Ph.D.  (7/1/2020 - 6/30/2024)

Hyde Park, NY  USA

Topics: Electronic Package design and integration, system design, electrical modeling tools  


Wendem Beyene, Ph.D. (7/1/2020 - 6/30/2024)


San Jose, CA

Topics: Electrical modeling and simulation techniques for analysis of interconnects, packages, and systems.  Machine learning techniques


Karlheinz Bock, Ph.D. (7/2020-7/2024) 

Technische Universität Dresden 

Dresden, Germany 

Topics:  Multifunctionality & heterosystemintegration & additive manufacturing (IoT, Industry 4.0, tactile internet), packaging for mechanical, digital and power co-integration (automotive, machines, robots..),2.5D and 3D electro-optical-RF interposer and board (high performance), heterointegration for flexible, bio, organic  and large area electronics (open form factor) 


Bill Bottoms, Ph.D.  (6/2021 – 6/2025) 

Third Millennium Test Solutions 

Santa Clara, CA  USA 

Topics: Heterogeneous Integration, Semiconductor test technology, Emerging research materials, Packaging of electronic components and systems, the global network and its future requirements, the internet of things and Smart manufacturing 


Chris Bower, Ph.D. (6/2021 – 6/2025)

X-Celeprint Inc.

North Carolina, USA

Topics: Novel assembly methods, elastomer stamp micro-transfer-printing, heterogeneous integration, three-dimensional integration, manufacturing of micro-assembled displays and other large-format electronics. 


Tanja Braun, Ph.D. (7/2023 – 7/2027)
Fraunhofer IZM
Berlin, Germany
Topics:  Advanced Packaging, Heterogeneous Integration, Flip Chip, Chiplet, Fan-out Wafer and Panel Level Packaging.  


William T. Chen, Ph.D. (1/2020-1/2024)

Santa Clara, CA  USA 

Topics: Semiconductor and Electronics Industry Trends and Roadmap 


Xuejun Fan, Ph.D. (1/2020-1/2024) 

Department of Mechanical Engineering 

Lamar University 

Beaumont, TX USA 

Topics: Design, modeling and reliability in micro-/nano- electronic packaging and microsystems 


Madhu Iyengar, Ph.D. (7/1/2020 - 6/30/2024)

Mountain View, CA, USA

Topics: Thermal component and system design for packages, servers, and data centers. 


Subu Iyer, Ph.D. (6/2021 - 6/2025)
University of California, Los Angeles 

Los Angeles, CA USA 

Topics:Heterogeneous Integration; Flexible hybrid electronics; 3D interposer, and wafer scale integration and stacking.


Beth Keser, Ph.D. (1/2020-1/2024)
San Diego, CA USA
Topics: Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging and Wafer Level Packaging structures; processes, materials, tools, design rules and roadmaps; photoimageable liquid polymer films

Pradeep Lall, Ph.D. (1/2020 - 1/2024) 

Auburn University 

Auburn, AL USA 

Topics: Semiconductor Packaging, Modeling and Simulation, Reliability in Harsh Environments, Shock/Drop/Vibration, Cu Wirebonding, Flexible Hybrid Electronics, Additive Manufacturing, Prognostics and Health Management, LEDs, Micro CT Measurements 


John H. Lau, Ph.D. (1/2020-1/2024)

Unimicron Technology Corporation

Palo Alto, CA USA

Topics: Electronics and Photonics 2D and 3D packaging and manufacturing  


Ravi Mahajan, Ph.D. (7/2020-7/2024) 

Intel Corporation 

Arizona, USA 

Topics: Advanced Packaging Architectures, Assembly Processes and Thermal Management 


James E. Morris, Ph.D. (1/2020-1/2024) 

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Portland State University 

Portland, Oregon USA 

Topics: Electrically conductive adhesives; Electronics packaging; Nanotechnologies


Rajen Muguran, Ph.D. (7/2022-7/2026) 

Texas Instruments

Dallas, TX, USA

Topics:  Multiphysics and System Co-Design modeling for complex analog and mixed-signal packaging, mmWave/THz signal integrity, power electronics packaging, and System-Level EMI/EMC modeling, analysis, and characterization.


Eric D. Perfecto, (1/2020-1/2024)
IBM Research
Poughkeepsie, NY USA

Topics:Fine pitch interconnect, chip to chip and chip to laminate connection, UBM and solder selection, chip package interaction and 2.5D fabrication  


Mark Poliks, Ph.D. (1/2020 – 1/2024) 

Binghamton University (SUNY) 

Binghamton, NY USA 

Topics: Materials and Processes, Advanced Manufacturing, Flexible Hybrid Electronics, High Speed and Additive


Gamal Refai-Ahmed, Ph.D. (7/1/2022 - 6/30/2026)


San Jose, CA USA

Topics: Thermo-mechanical Semiconductor and Electronics Industry Roadmap and directions, Advanced holistic Thermo-mechanical  solution, assembly and reliability of  Heterogeneous Packaging  and Silicon Photonics, Future thermo-mechanical technology, architecture for component and system


Jose Schutt-Aine, Ph.D. (1/2020 - 1/2024) 

University of Illinois 

Champaign, IL, USA 

Topics:High-Frequency Measurements, Mixed-Signal Design, High-Performance Computing, electromagnetic Modeling, Signal Integrity, CAD Tools for Interconnects and Packages, Machine Learning for High-Speed System Modeling  


Dongkai Shangguan, Ph.D. (7/1/2023 - 6/30/2027)

Thermal Engineering Associates, Inc.

San Jose, CA USA

Topics: Heterogeneous Integration and SiP; Electronics Packaging and Miniaturization; Materials; Thermal management; Reliability; Electronics manufacturing technology; Flexible hybrid electronics


Rohit Sharma, Ph.D. (1/2023-1/2027) 

Indian Institute of Technology Ropar

Punjab, India

Topics:Design of High-speed Graphene-based and 2D materials-based nanoelectronics; Electrical-Thermal co-design of electronic packages and microsystems; Application of Machine Learning in design and analysis of interconnects; Heterogeneous integration.


Nihal Sinnadurai (1/2020 - 1/2024)

Suffolk IP11 9RZ UK  

Topics: Accelerated Ageing for Reliability Assurance -theory and practical methods - including HAST (my invention originally); The use of encapsulation and plastic packaging and reliability evaluation method; PCB & Hybrid technologies; Thermal management and design 


Ephraim Suhir, Ph.D. (1/2020-1/2024)
Los Altos, CA 94024 USA
Topics: Accelerated life testing; Probabilistic physical design for reliability; Bonded assemblies; Thermal stress; Predictive modeling; Fiber optics structures: design for reliability; Dynamic response to shocks and vibrations  


Andrew Tay, Ph.D. (1/2023-1/2027) 

SHINE Center, National University of Singapore


Topics: Thermomechanical reliability of microelectronics packages; Thermal and failure analysis of microelectronic devices; Thermal management of electronic and EV battery systems; Solder joint reliability; Delamination and fracture; Moisture effects; Modelling and simulation.


Manos Tentzeris, Ph.D. (7/1/2023 - 6/30/2027)

Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, GA USA

TopicsRF/mmW/3D/electronics industry/nanotechnology/materials/packaging/3D printing/energy harvesting-zero power  

Rao Tummala, Ph.D. (1/2020 -1/2024) 

Microsystems Packaging Research Center (PRC) 

Georgia Institute of Technology 

Atlanta, GA USA 

Topics: Electronics Packaging 


E. Jan Vardaman (1/2020-1/2024) 

TechSearch International, Inc. 

Austin, TX USA 

Topics: International developments in semiconductor packaging, manufacturing and assembly; SiP: Business and technology Trends; drivers in advanced packaging; Flip chip and wafer level packaging 


Paul Wesling (1/2020-1/2024) 

Saratoga, CA USA 

Topics:Origins of Silicon Valley and the Electronics Packaging Society; the IEEE/SEMI/ASME Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap and how to use it (as editor for the 2019 Roadmap).


C.P. Wong, Ph.D. (1/2020-1/2024) 

Georgia Institute of Technology 

Atlanta, GA, USA 

Topics: Materials 


Jie Xue, Ph.D. (1/2020-1/2024) 

Cisco Systems, Inc 

San Jose, CA, USA 

Topics:  Advanced Packaging for Networking Application; Impact of Internet of Everything (IoE) to Semiconductor Industry eco-system; High performance substrate technologies; Trends and challenges of Silicon Photonics for datacenter and networking applications 

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