EPS Distinguished Achievement Certificate for Professional Engagement and Service


Criteria: Must be a current EPS member

There are four high-level areas of focus for this new certificate.  These areas include:

(1) Demonstrating leadership in the electronics packaging field

Leadership and broad impact activities in electronics packaging can be documented from outstanding accomplishments during industry employment or for notable volunteer contributions to the profession and society.

(2) Illustrating broad impact/influence in the electronics packaging field

Examples of significant professional service include serving as an officer in a technical society at the international, national, or local chapter level; participating in packaging related technical committees, councils, or affinity groups; contributing to technology roadmaps such as the Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap (HIR); and receiving a professional society or industry award based on service contributions.

(3) providing extensive service and “give back” to the profession and/or industry; and

Documentation of “give-back” to one’s technical community can be accomplished via demonstrations of coaching and mentoring of co-workers, young professionals, and students.

(4) being endorsed strongly by others.    

More details and examples can be found on the online Nomination form.