EPS Distinguished Achievement Certificate for Technical Leadership and Expertise

2024  Round One Nomination Period  Is Now Open

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Criteria: Must be a current EPS member

There are five high-level focus areas for this new certificate.  These areas include:

(1) Being a recognized authority of technical expertise in electronics packaging. 

Examples of being a recognized authority of technical expertise include being an advanced member of the technical staff at a company (e.g. Fellow, Senior Technical Staff, Distinguished Engineer, etc.), making technical contributions as a Member or Fellow of professional associations/societies related to electronics packaging (e.g., IEEE, IMAPs, SMTA, ASME, etc.), and being an invited speaker at companies, technical conferences, and EPS Chapter meetings. 

(2) Being a subject matter expert (SME) in electronics packaging at at conferences, keynotes, webinars, blogs.

Methods to demonstrate participation as a SME include abstracts accepted and papers presented at conferences, giving keynote lectures at conferences or professional society meetings, presenting webinars for EPS and other IEEE Societies, and serving on technical panels at conferences and other venues. 

(3) Demonstrating sustained technical contributions to the electronics packaging industry.

Demonstrating sustained technical contributions to industry include publishing well-cited technical papers at conferences and in journals, book chapters, and patents; serving as an editor of a journal or reference book; and being a leader or participant in industry blogs, focus groups, technical roadmaps, newsletters, and forums.

(4) Documenting advanced technical recognitions

Methods to document technical recognitions include receiving technical awards from a company, institute, professional society, or academic institution; being the acknowledged inventor of a seminal technology or process important to industry; serving as the point person for global high-level task force activity; and being elected to be a Member of an organization such as the US National Academy of Engineering, Royal Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering, IBM Academy of Technology, etc.

(5) Provide at least one endorsement letter.

Nominations for the Distinguished Achievement Certificates will be accepted two times per year: Jan 1 - June 30 and Aug 30 - Oct 31

More details and examples can be found on the online Nomination form

Cert Dist Achievement Tech Leadership Feb 2024


Congratulations to these EPS Members on receiving the IEEE Certificate of Distinguished Achievement from the IEEE Electronics Packaging Society: 

Chong Leong Gan, Micron Memory Taiwan Co. Ltd.

Scott Clary, Florida Institute of Technology

Mukta Farooq, IBM

John Lau, Unimicron Technology Corporation

E. Jan Vardaman, TechSearch International, Inc.

Rajen Murugan,  Texas Instruments