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IEEE CPMT Webinar: 3D Printing: From Prototype to Production

2014-02-05 - 2014-02-06
11 am US (Eastern Time); 5 pm Berlin; 1 am (6 Feb) Tokyo
Webinar - Online
Marsha Tickman – m.tickman@ieee.org
Melba Kurman, Mike O'Reilly

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3D printing technologies are not new, but thanks to a recent convergence of simple-to-use design software, improving materials, and shrinking hardware costs, 3D printing is becoming mainstream.  Creative individuals, entrepreneurs, teachers, surgeons and established businesses use 3D printing technologies to re-define art, medicine, product design and education.  In the future, we will see the emergence of new business models and a new aesthetic as 3D printing technologies remove traditional manufacturing barriers of cost, time and skill.  The electronics industry is adopting 3D printing to extend production capabilities that are scalable and complimentary with current manufacturing solutions.  3D printing technologies also open up new avenues for directly functionalizing component parts.

Webinar participants will learn:

·       A basic understanding of 3D printing technologies, delivered in non-technical language

·       How 3D printing technologies are changing different industries and why

·       What challenges and risks are introduced by this technology, including intellectual property issues and consumer safety

·       How 3D Printed Electronics offers unique packaging and functional capabilities not realizable by current manufacturing technologies

·       How this evolutionary technology is benefiting the electronics industry without disrupting current manufacturing processes while reducing overall manufacturing costs.

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