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IEEE CPMT Webinar: Packaging Challenges in a World Driven by the Internet of Things and Migration to the Cloud

2014-06-25 - 2014-06-25
Webinar - Online
Marsha – m.tickman@ieee.org
Bill Bottoms

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The semiconductor industry growth was driven first by government requirements with mainframe computing as the primary platform, the second phase of growth came from desktop computers for both business and consumer applications. Today mobile consumer devices are the primary drivers of increasing transistor count. Packaging requirements change as the primary drivers of industry growth change. The relative importance of performance, power, latency, size, weight and cost are different in each application.

Historically, these changes in packaging requirements have been mostly evolutionary. Today we are at the leading edge of a revolutionary change in packaging requirements driven by the explosive growth of the Internet of Things and the migration of data, logic and applications to the cloud.

This revolution will require dramatic cost reduction measured in both money and power for computing and communications. The result will be fundamental change in the architecture of the global communications network, all of the components incorporated into that network and everything connected to it. The primary packaging challenges will migrate from performance and form factor to include physical density of bandwidth, power and latency with increased demand for reduction in cost per function. This comes as we are finally near the end of “Moore’s Law Scaling” providing a solution. Scaling CMOS no longer provides the improvement in cost, performance and power we have enjoyed for 50 years and packaging will have to “take up the slack”.

The forces driving this revolution in packaging and potential solutions to the difficult challenges will be discussed.



Dr. W. R. "Bill" Bottoms, the holder of a Ph.D. from Tulane University, has an extensive background in academia, venture funding, and in the commercial semiconductor equipment sector.

Since founding Third Millennium Test Solutions Inc. (3MTS) in 1999, Bill Bottoms has provided strategic leadership and vision in keeping with the promise of the 3MTS business model.

Dr. Bottoms has also served on a number of important government and industry committees and advisory positions. Key posts include chairmanship of the subcommittee of the Technical Advisory Committee of the United States Commerce Department's Export Control Commission for Semiconductor Equipment and Materials.

Dr. Bottoms was appointed to faculty of Princeton University in 1969 and since has served in a number of positions in the electronics industry. He was the initial president of the Semiconductor Equipment Group of Varian Associates and Chairman and CEO of Credence. Prior to joining Credence Dr. Bottoms spent more than ten years in the venture capital industry as a partner of APA.

Shortly after receiving his doctorate in physics, Dr. Bottoms joined the electrical engineering faculty of Princeton University, where he remained until 1976. He then joined Varian Associates in Palo Alto, California, as manager of research and development, and he was later named president of Varian's newly formed semiconductor equipment group. After leaving Varian, he was senior vice president and general partner at Patricof & Co. Ventures, Inc., an international venture capital firm. He founded Third Millennium Test Solutions in March 1999.

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