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IEEE CPMT Webinar: Manufacturing Micron-sized Systems

Webinar - Online
Marsha Tickman – m.tickman@ieee.org
Walt Trybula

Presenter: Walt Trybula, Trybula Foundation, Inc. (Austin)

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Abstract: Electronics is ubiquitous in today’s world.  Semiconductors provide the computing power and data conversion.  Power sources, typically batteries, on small, uncorded devices are challenging for long operation.  Heat generation, i.e., power loss, is a significant concern.  The packaging is designed to survive both the anticipated environmental extremes and the application handling.  The system is held together via a substrate that connects the various elements of the application into a functional circuit.  Millimeter sized “pills” with video capability have been designed and applied in medical applications.  As the size of the “systems” continues to shrink into the micron range, the question that arises is “How can we design a system that can perform its mission and still be manufactured in quantity?”  This presentation/paper addresses some of the potential issues that need to be resolved in order to be successful.  One critical fact is that the manufacturing processes do not exist today.  They need to be invented.  The intent of this paper is to initiate dialogue and research/development to accomplish the manufacture of micron-sized systems.


Dr. Walt Trybula is an IEEE Fellow & SPIE Fellow and an IEEE EPS Distinguished Lecturer. He is Director of the Trybula Foundation, Inc. (Austin), Adjunct Professor, Ingram School of Engineering, Texas State University (San Marcos). He is the former Director, Nanomaterials Application Center, Texas State University and Center for Emerging Technology Commercialization, The University of Texas at Austin. He was the Senior Fellow of the Technical Staff for 13 years at SEMATECH, Senior Fellow of the Technical Staff.  He was at GE for 12 years, 9 of which on the Corporate Staff (manufacturing/ technology). He has founded two companies and was the Director at a third start-up. He was on the EPS (CPMT) Board of Governors for 16 years.

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