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Micro Assembly Using Elastomer Stamps

Webinar - Online
Denise Manning – d.manning@ieee.org
Chris Bower

Presenter: Dr. Chris Bower

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Integrating ultra-miniaturized compound semiconductor devices onto non-native substrates enables new kinds of products with desirable functionalities and cost structures that are inaccessible by conventional means.  Micro assembly technologies are the practical ways to make such micro-scale combinations possible.  Micro assembly using elastomer stamps, called micro-transfer printing technology (µTP), is a widely-demonstrated form of micro assembly, having demonstrated applicability in optical communications, magnetic storage, photovoltaics, bio-integrated electronics, and displays. The common value proposition of µTP in all of these applications is to provide a product that uses the most advantageous semiconductor devices and has the most desirable form factor.  Those characteristics provide cost benefits, performance metrics, or combinations of properties that are inaccessible or impractical without µTP. 



Dr. Chris Bower is Chief Technology Officer at X-Celeprint Limited. He is the former Technical Manager at Semprius, Inc., where he led the team responsible for micro-transfer-printing and wafer-level-packaging of advanced microscale solar cells.  His experience includes research and development on three-dimensionally integrated circuits at RTI International and research on nanotechnology and photonics devices at Bell Labs and InPlane Photonics, Inc. His interests include three-dimensional integration of integrated circuits, heterogeneous integration of compound semiconductors onto non-native substrates and the fabrication of low-cost, large-format electronics using novel assembly methods.  He is the author on over ninety scientific publications and has filed over forty patents. 

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