EPS Student Travel Awards


IEEE EPS is pleased to continue the Travel Awards Program for the annual Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) and in 2022 approved by the Board of Governors to extend the program for the Electronics System-Integration Technology Conference (ESTC) and the Electronics Packaging Technology Conference (EPTC).  

The goals of these awards are to foster maximum student participation and to recognize students with superior conference papers. The Travel Awards are intended to assist students to attend the EPS flagship conferences. 

All grants are available to apply towards actual travel expenses, including airfare, hotel, and meals. Grants will be awarded competitively based on abstracts submitted by student authors. The student who is named as the primary author of each winning abstract will receive a travel grant.

Costs that are directly tied to conference attendance are reimbursable up to the limits of $1300US for intracontinental travel and $2100US for international travel.

Eligibility:  For all conferences, the competition is open to all full-time graduate students enrolled at an accredited institution in a program of study within the scope of ECTC, ESTC and EPTC. The student must be listed as the primary author on the abstract. A maximum of two authors (one per paper) from any one institution will receive a travel grant.

ECTC Student Travel Award

Description: The student travel grant program for ECTC awards up to 15 grants, at least 2 of which should be from historically underrepresented countries, at least 2 of which should be for students not residing in North America, and at least 3 of which should go to women. 

ESTC Student Travel Award

Description: The student travel grant program for ESTC awards up to 6 grants, at least 2 of which should go to women and at least 1 of which should go to a student from a country historically underrepresented at that conference.

EPTC Student Travel Award

Description: The student travel grant program for EPTC awards up to 6 grants, at least 2 of which should go to women and at least 1 of which should go to a student from a country historically underrepresented at that conference.

Travel Expense Guidelines

Application Process: To apply, check the “IEEE EPS Travel Grant” box in the “Awards” section of the online abstract submission form.


2022 Recipients

Ankitha Rao, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal Academy of Higher Learning

Paper: “Challenges in Packaging of Flexible and Wearable Supercapacitors Against Humidity Variations"

Takshashila Patahde, Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology

Paper: “Low Power ALU Design with incorporation of MWCMTB On-Chip interconnects"

Ramesh Kudalippalliyalil, Information Sciences Institute (ISI/USC)

Paper: “Heterogeneously Integrated Quantum Chip Interposer Packaging"

Yu-Tao Yang, UCLA ECE

Paper: “RF Characterization on Nb-Based Superconducting Silicon Interconnect Fabric for Future Large-Scale Quantum Applications"

Zeinab Shaban, Tyndall National Institute

Paper: “Integration of High Performance GaN LEDs for Communication Systems and Smart Society” 

Akeeb Hassan, Florida International University

Paper: “Self-Healing of Interconnect Cracks for Reliable and Defect-Free Smart Manufacturing of Flexible Packages”


Peng Zhao, Nanyang Technological University

Paper: “The Integration of Grounding Plane into TSV Integrated Ion Trap for Efficient Thermal Management in Large Scale Quantum Computing Device”


Firas Alshatnawi, Binghamton University

Paper: “High Temperature Die Interconnection Approaches”


Yi Zhou, Georgia Tech

Paper: “Mechanical and Ka-Band Electrical Reliability Testing of Interconnects in 5G Wearable System-on-Package Designs Under Bending”


Xiaofan Jia, Georgia Tech

Paper: “Antenna-Integrated, Die-Embedded Glass Package for 6G Wireless Applications”


Kruitkesh Sahoo, UCLA

Paper: “Functional Demonstration of < 0.4 pJ/bit, 9.8 µm Fine-Pitch Dielet-to-Dielet Links for Advanced Packaging Using Silicon Interconnect Fabric”


Woosol Lee, University of Florida

Paper: “Flexible Metamaterial Lens for Magnetic Field and Signal-to-Noise Ratio Improvements in 1.5 T and 3 T Magnetic Resonance Imaging”


2021 Recipients

Ramon Sosa, Georgia Institute of Technology

Paper:  “Low-temperature all-Cu interconnections formed by pressure-less sintering of Cu pillars with nanoporous-Cu caps”


Claudio Alvarez, Georgia Institute of Technology

Paper: “Demonstration of a High-Inductance, High-Density, and Low DC Resistance Compact Embedded Toroidal Inductor for IVR”


Yuki Susumago, Tohoku University

Paper: “FOWLP-Based Flexible Hybrid Electronics with 3D-IC Chiplets for Smart Skin Display”


Woosol Lee, University of Florida

Paper: “3D integrated high gain rectenna in package with metamaterial superstrates for high efficiency wireless power transfer applications”


Tomo Odashima, Tohoku University

Paper: “Wafer-Level Flexible 3D Corrugated Interconnect Formation for Scalable In-Mold Electronics with Embedded Chiplets”


Peng Zhao, Nanyang Technological University

Paper: “Heterogenous Integration of Silicon Ion Trap and Glass Interposer for Scalable Quantum Computing Enabled by TSV, Micro-bumps, and RDL”


Kai-Cheng Shie, National Chiao Tung University

Paper: “Hybrid bonding of nanotwinned copper/organic dielectrics with low thermal budget”


Seokkan Ki, Kyung Hee University

Paper: “Rapid Enhancement of Thermal Conductivity by Incorporating Oxide-Free Copper Nanoparticle Clusters for Highly Conductive Liquid Metal-based Thermal Interface Materials”


Sunil Kumar Panigrahy, National Tsing Hua University

Paper: “Study on an Artificial Intelligence Based Kernel Ridge Regression Algorithm for Wafer Level Package Reliability Prediction”


Jia Juen Ong, National Chiao Tung University

Paper: “Two-step fabrication process for die-to-die and die-to-wafer Cu-Cu bonds”


2020 Recipients

Lin Hou, KU Leuven

Paper: “A novel intermetallic compound insertion bonding to improve throughput for sequential 3D stacking”


Noriyuki Takahashi, Tohoku University

Paper: “RDL-first Flexible FOWLP Technology with Dielets Embedded in Hydrogel”


Claudio Alvarez, Georgia Institute of Technology

Paper: “Design and Demonstration of Single and Coupled Embedded Toroidal Inductors for 48V to 1V Integrated Voltage Regulators”


Musa Mahmood, Georgia Institute of Technology

Paper: “Smart and Connected Physiological Monitoring Enabled by Stretchable Bioelectronics and Deep-Learning Algorithm”


Stephen Anderson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Paper: “Integrated Silicon Photonic True-Time Delay Beam-Former for Wide-Band Phased-Array Antenna”


S. W. Liu, National Tsing Hua U.

Paper: “Prediction of Fan-out Panel Level Warpage using Neural Network Model with Edge Detection Enhancement”


Cheryl Selvanayagam, Singapore University of Technology and Design

Paper: “Learning the Stress-Strain Relationships of Ultra-Thin Package Materials using a Bayesian Approach”


Ying Yang, University of Sherbrooke

Paper: “A Mechanistic Study of Underfill Cracks by the Confocal-DIC Method”


Pengbo Yu, Tsinghua University

Paper: “Coaxial Through-Silicon-Vias Using Low-κ SiO2 Insulators”


Daquan Yu, Xiamen University

Paper: “Development of Embedded Glass Wafer Fan-Out Package With 2D Antenna Arrays for 77GHz Millimeter-wave Wireless Communication”


2019 Recipients

Arsalan Alam, University of California, Los Angeles

Paper: “Heterogeneous Integration of a Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging Based Foldable Display on Elastomeric Substrate”


Muhammad Ali, Georgia Institute of Technology

Paper: “3D Glass Package-Integrated, High Performance Power Dividing Networks for 5G Broadband Antennas”


Claudio Alvarez, Georgia Institute of Technology

Paper: “Open and Closed Loop Inductors for High Efficiency System on Package Integrated Voltage Regulators”


Deepayan Banerjee, IIIT Delhi, India

Paper:” A Novel Design of a Bandwidth Enhanced Dual-Band Impedance Matching Network With Coupled Line Wave Slowing”


SivaChandra Jangam, University of California, Los Angeles

Paper: “Effects of Oven and Laser Sintering Parameters on the Electrical Resistance of IJP Nano-Silver Traces on Mesoporous PET Before and During Fatigue Cycling”


Gurvinder Singh Khinda, Binghamton University

Paper: “Fine-Pitch (≤10 µm) Direct Cu-Cu Interconnects using In-situ Formic Acid Vapor Treatment”


Yuki Susumago, Tohoku University

Paper” Mechanical and Electrical Characterization of FOWLP-Based Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) for Biomedical Sensor Application”


Tiwei Wei, IMEC

Paper: “First Demonstration of a Low Cost/Customizable Chip Level 3D Printed Microjet Hotspot-Targeted Cooler for High Power Applications”


Jikai Xu,  Harbin Institute of Technology

Paper: “Direct Heterogeneous Bonding of SiC to Si, SiO2, and Glass for High-Performance Power Electronics and Bio-MEMS”


Tilo Hongwei Yang, National Taiwan University

Paper: “A single bonding process to achieve various organic-inorganic substrate integration in IoT”

 2018 Recipients

Luca Del Carro, ETH Zurich
Paper: “Laser sintering of dip-based all-copper interconnects”

Normand-Pierre Goodhue, Université de Sherbrooke
Paper: “Warpage Control during Mass Reflow Flip Chip Assembly using Temporary Adhesive Bonding”

Siva Chandra Jangam, University of California, Los Angeles
Paper: “Electrical Characterization of High Performance Fine Pitch Interconnects in Silicon Interconnect Fabric”

Chenhui Li, Eindhoven University of Technology
Papr: “400 Gbps 2-Dimensional Optical Receiver Assembled on Wet Etched Silicon Interposer”

Tong-Hong Lin, Georgia Institute of Technology
Paper: “Novel 3D-/Inkjet-Printed Flexible On-Package Antennas, Packaging Structures, and Modules for Broadband 5G Applications”

Nivesh Mangal, Ghent University
Paper: “Integration of Ball Lens in Through-Package Via to Enable Photonic Chip-to-Board Coupling”

Saikat Mondal, Michigan State University
Paper: “A Harmonic RF Phase-Shifter based Wireless pH Sensor”

Bo Song, Georgia Institute of Technology
Paper: “Stretchable, Printable and Electrically Conductive Composites for Wearable RF Antennas”

2017 Recipients
Jiawei Marvin Chan, Nanyang Technological University
Paper: “Reliability Evaluation of Copper (Cu) Through-Silicon Via (TSV) Barrier and Dielectric Liner by Electrical Characterization and Physical Failure Analysis (PFA)”

Luca Del Carro, ETH Zurich
Paper: “Morphology study of bimodal-particle-based all-copper interconnects formed at low sintering temperature”

Alexander Hanss, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt
Paper: “New Method to Separate Failure Modes by Transient Thermal Analysis of High Power LEDs”

Chenhui Li, Eindhoven University of Technology
Paper: “3D Packaging of Embeded Opto-electronic Die and CMOS IC Based on Wet Etched Silicon Interposer”

Junjie Li, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Paper: “Low-temperature and low-pressure Cu-Cu bonding by pure Cu nanosolder paste for wafer-level packaging”

Muhammad Amin Saleem, Smoltek AB
Paper: “On-Chip solid-state micro-supercapacitor”

Ninad Shahane, Georgia Institute of Technology
Paper: “Enabling chip-to-package Cu-Cu interconnections: design of engineered bonding interfaces for improved manufacturability and low-temperature bonding”

Divya Taneja, CEA-LETI
Paper: “Cu-SnAg interconnects evaluation for the assembly at 10µm and 5 µm pitch”

2016 Recipients
Manuela Loeblein, Nanyang Technological University
Paper: “ Heat Dissipation Enhancement of 2.5D Package with 3D Graphene & 3D Boron Nitride Networks as Thermal Interface Material (TIM)”

Akira Yamauchi, Keio University
Paper: “Graded-Index Multimode Polymer Optical Waveguide Enabling Low Loss and High Density 3D On-Board Integration”

Yan Yang, IME 
Paper: “3D Silicon Photonics Packaging Based on TSV Interposer for High Density On-Board Optics Module”

Jonas Zürcher, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology     
Paper: “All-Copper Flip Chip Interconnects by Pressureless and Low Temperature Nanoparticle Sintering”

Chenhui Li, Eindhoven University of Technology
Paper: “ Wet Etched Silicon Interposer for the 2.5D Stacking of CMOS and Optoelectronic Dies”

Connor Howe, Virginia Commonwealth University
Paper: “ An Implantable, Stretchable Microflow Sensor Integrated with a Thin-Film Nitinol Stent”

Jen-Jui Yu, National Taiwan University  
Paper: “Choice of Intermetallics for Structural Applications in Micro Joints of Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuits (3D ICs)”

Bruce Chou, Packaging Research Center at Georgia Tech
Paper: “ Design and Demonstration of Micro-Mirror and Lens for Low-loss and Low-Cost Single-Mode Fiber Coupling in 3D Glass Photonic Interposers”

2015 Recipients
Sarkis Babikian, University of California, Irvine
Paper: “Integrated Bioflexible Electronic Device for Electrochemical Analysis of Blood”

Ossama El Bouayadi, CEA-LETI
Paper: “Silicon Interposer: A Versatile Platform Towards Full-3D Integration of Wireless Systems at Millimeter-Wave Frequencies

Masaki Ohyama, Waseda University
Paper:” Hybrid Bonding of Cu/Sn Microbump and Adhesive with Silica Filler for 3D Interconnection of Single-Micron Pitch

Yu-Cheng Hsieh, National Chiao Tung University
Paper:” Development and Electrical Investigation of Novel Fine-Pitch Cu/Sn Pad Bumping Using Ultra-Thin Buffer Layer Technique in 3D Integration

Jonas Zürcher, IBM Research - Zurich
Paper: “Nanoparticle Assembly and Sintering Towards All-Copper Flip Chip Interconnects

Bo Song, Georgia Institute of Technology
Paper: “Flexible Solid-State Micro-Supercapacitors for On-Chip Energy Storage Devices

Xiao Hu, City University of Hong Kong
Paper: “Novel WO3 Nanoparticles Modified Electroless Metallization to Retard Interfacial Reaction and Reinforce the Reliability of Solder Interconnection

Aliaksei Klyshko, University of Rome la Sapienza
Paper: “Oxidized porous silicon: the route to low-cost, low loss and high performance 3D tapered coupler for silicon photonics circuits and MCM optical backplane”

2014 Recipients
William  Krieger, Georgia Institute of Technology
Paper: “A Cohesive Zone Method for Prediction of Interfacial Failure In Microelectronic Systems”

Taoran  Le, Georgia Institute of Technology
Paper: “Enhanced-Performance Wireless Conformal "Smart Skins" Utilizing Inkjet-Printed Porous Carbon-Nanostructures”

Yu Ji, Southeast University
Paper: “Preparation of a Micro Rubidium Vapor Cell and Its Integration in a Chip-Scale Atomic Magnetometer”

Hideto Hashiguchi, Tohoku University    
Paper: “Temporary Spin-on Glass Bonding Technologies for Via-Last/Backside-Via 3D Integration Using Multichip Self-Assembly”

Yuka Ito, Tohoku University      
Paper: “Direct Multichip-to-Wafer 3D Integration Technology Using Flip-Chip Self-Assembly of NCF-Covered Known Good Dies”

Cui Huang, Tsinghua University
Paper: “Thermal and Electrical Tests of Air-Gap TSV”

Xu Chen, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign         
Paper: “Optimal Relaxation of I/O Electrical Requirements under Packaging Uncertainty by Stochastic Methods”

Tengfei Jiang, University of Texas, Austin          
Paper: “Effect of High Temperature Storage on the Stress and Reliability of 3D Stacked Chips”