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Webinar: IoT Energy Harvesting

Date: Friday, May 4, 2018

Time: 12:00 PM EDT

Presenters: Dusan Vuckovic, Marc Dunham and Denis Pasero

Host: Brian Zahnstecher

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is already in the process of being integrated into every aspect of our lives, both personally and professionally.  While the definition of an IoT device, wireless sensor network (WSN), or network edge user equipment may be up for debate, there is little disagreement that we can expect many billions if not a trillion or more networked things operating in our world in the next few years.  Most of these devices have very low power requirements and therefore present an excellent opportunity to be powered by ambient energy sources via energy harvesting (EH) modalities.  We have the ability to capture scavenged energy from every form of energy physics affords us, whether it be to source the complete power needs of the device or supplement battery life.


This webinar will provide a brief introduction to EH technologies and key design issues/challenges (inc. some related to packaging), discuss some of the latest advancements in EH devices and design innovations, then close with some example solutions in energy storage and real-world applications.  The three distinguished speakers are well-respected, experienced contributors to their respective areas of focus within the EH ecosystem and will provide a unique overview that covers a wide breadth of topics and experience within this domain.

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