Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap’s (HIR) Integrated Photonics Technical Working Group update

Authors :

Amr Helmy, a.helmy@utoronto.ca , Co-Chair, Integrated Photonics Technology Working Group

Gnyan Ramakrishna, Chair, TC Photonics, IEEE EPS

The Heterogenous Integration Roadmap (HIR) includes twenty-two technical working groups that span a wide range of topics within the heterogenous integration effort. Its annual meeting, which was held in the form of a symposium in Santa Clara, California, has recently concluded on February the 20th. Integrated Photonics is one of the notable technical working groups within HIR, represented in the roadmap within the Photonics technical working group (TWG). This article covers the scope of this working group and its planned activities for this year.

Packaged photonics devices cover a vast field of components spanning from components such as laser diodes, light emitting diodes md topical sensors, to circuits including photonic integrated circuits for camera modules, LIDARS and pluggable transceivers just to name a few. There are many unique thermal, electrical and mechanical characteristics which will require specialized materials, purpose-specific packaging, testing and supply chain integration to address upcoming market needs. For instance, for datacenter application, it is envisaged that a migration to 400G pluggable optical transceiver modules is planned for this year with 800G speeds using a QSFP form factor planned shortly after. 

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