EPS Orange County Chapter Webinar

Title: Solder joints interconnections in automotive electronics: could low cycle fatigue conditions in them be avoided

Date: Thursday, Apr 21, 2022 

Time: 3pm – 4pm (EDT)

Presenter: Ephraim Suhir

Abstract: Three practically important problems associated with the reliability of solder joint interconnections (SJI) in IC packages are addressed:

1) Could inelastic strains in the solder material be avoided by a rational physical design, and if not, could the sizes of the inelastic strain areas be predicted and minimized? SJIs are the most vulnerable structural elements in the today’s IC packages: the solder material often experiences inelastic strains, and, because of that, suffers from low cycle fatigue conditions, and its fatigue lifetime is often shorter than required for many applications. There is an obvious incentive therefore to explore ways to bring down the induced stresses and strains in this material, even, if possible, to an extent that the inelastic strains are avoided. If this is impossible, the size of the inelastic zones could be, desirably, predicted and minimized.

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