Voting for Members at Large will launch September 4

The voting period for EPS Members At Large will open September 4, 2018. All voting members of the Society will receive a notification. 

The IEEE Electronics Packaging Society Constitution and Bylaws provide that each year the membership shall elect six Members-at-Large to the Society Board of Governors to serve a three-year term. Members-at-large will be elected to achieve totals proportionate to the geographic distribution of EPS members. For 2018, this translates as follows:

  • Regions 1-6, 7 and 9 (US, Canada, South and Central America):  elect 3 members 
  • Region 8 (Europe, Africa, Middle East):  elect 0 member
  • Region 10 (Asia/Pacific):  elect 3 members 

The six newly elected Members-at-Large will join continuing Members-at-Large (shown below) on the Board of Governors: 

2019 term-end:

Regions 1-6,7,9: Li Li, David McCann, Kitty Pearsall, Subramanian S. Iyer

Region 8:  Thomas Brunschwiler, Gilles Poupon

2020 term-end:

Regions 1-6, 7,9 -- Alan Huffman, Sam Karikalan, Xuejun Fan, Jeffrey C. Suhling;

Region 8 -- Grace O'Malley; Region 10 -- Yoichi Taira

Voting members will elect Members-at-Large from within their respective Regions only, that is, members in Region 10 will vote for Members-at-Large from Region 10 only, etc.