ECTC Student Travel Awards


To promote student participation at the ECTC, EPS has travel to ECTC for 8 students.



A certificate and reimbursable travel expenses up to the limits of $1,300 US for students at US institutions and $2,100 US for students at non-US institutions.



Twenty candidates are preliminary selected based on the ECTC technical committee scoring and a balance among the various committees. The student paper must be accepted to be presented at the conference, and the student must be the presenter and the paper first author. The candidates are requested to submit an extended abstract.  A committed of up to 5 evaluators then rate the extended abstracts and the top 8 are selected for the travel award. 

New promotion to Latin American Students

An expansion of the ECTC student travel award program in support 2 graduate-level students from under-represented geographies at the ECTC was approved by the Board of Governors. Up to 2 students with accepted ECTC papers from Latino-America, Region 9,  will be given travel a award.  This is the first step in promoting EPS growth in Latino-America.