EPS Certificate Program

In order to further the education of Electronics Packaging Society (EPS) members, the EPS is now offering a Certificate Program. The goal of the program is to give members new to electronics packaging an opportunity for further packaging education, offer continuous education in electronics packaging to existing members, and also to offer students electronics packaging training if they are in a University program that does not include packaging education.

 Criteria: Must be an IEEE Electronics Packaging Society Member 

 To receive your certificate, 15 professional development hours (PDHs) must be completed. This can be obtained from a combination of the following: 

 1). IEEE EPS Webinar (1 PDH) – must complete PDH evaluation 

 2). Professional Development Courses – must complete survey and CEU credit form. Previous PDCs from the last 10 years can be used towards this if  the CEU application was completed at the time of the course. 

 - Electronic Components and Technology Conference (USA)  = 4 PDHs 

 - Electronic Systems-Integration Technology Conference (Europe) = 3 PDHs 

 - Electronic Packaging Technology Conference (Asia) = 4 PDHs 

 3). Author of IEEE T-CPMT and/or EPS conference paper(s) (5 PDHs) – paper must be published in IEEE Xplore within the last 5 years. 

 4). Reviewer for IEEE T-CPMT (3 Reviews = 5 PDH) within the last 5 years. 

 Once you have completed any combination of the above and received 15 PDHs, please complete the certificate form to request your Electronics Packaging Society Certificate. 


Congratulations to these EPS Members on receiving the IEEE Certificate of Achievement from the IEEE Electronics Packaging Society and completing the required number of professional development hours. 

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