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Registration deadline is extended to 24 August, to accommodate different vacation times in different countries. Register now, for an exciting virtual, live conference! ESTC is the European flagship conference of EPS, this year hosted by University of South-Eastern Norway, located in Vestfold, the “Electronic Coast” of Norway.

The conference programme is available



The conference programme includes five keynote presentations, a live workshop on Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap (HIR), three more plenary Special Sessions, and a virtual exhibition. The parallel session programme will consist of 90 oral presentations and more than 30 poster presentations.



Title: Accelerated Testing and Design for Reliability in Electronic and Photonic Packaging Engineering

Open to everyone

Date: August 25, 2020

Time: 11:00 AM EDT  - Register Here

Presenter: Ephraim Suhir


The webinar addresses an evolving philosophy of accelerated testing in electronic and photonic packaging, and could be viewed as a possible extension and modification of HALT for applications where high level of operational reliability is critical, such as, e.g., aerospace, military, long-haul communications, or medical. Highly-focused and highly cost-effective failure-oriented- accelerated-testing (FOAT) approach is suggested as a suitable experimental basis of the probabilistic design for reliability (PDfR) concept. The PDfR concept is used to assess the product's lifetime and the corresponding never-zero probability of failure in the field for the given product and application and make this probability adequate for the given product and application. The general concepts are illustrated by numerical examples.



Dr. Suhir is on the faculty of Portland State University,USA; Technical University, Vienna, Austria and James Cook University, Australia. He is also CEO of a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) ERS Co. USA,  Life Fellow of the IEEE, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the Society of Optical Engineers (SPIE), and the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society  (IMAPS) and has over 400+ publications in electronics and reliability engineering.


Eric Perfecto, 71st ECTC Publicity Chair

The Coronavirus pandemic necessitated the IEEE Electronic, Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) to move into a virtual format this year.  Due to the generous support from IEEE EPS and our corporate sponsors, the in-person event was transformed into a free-to-attend on-demand virtual conference.  Over 7,700 individuals took advantage of this offer and attended the virtual conference, which consisted of over 400 presentations organized into 45 technical sessions and 7 special invited sessions.  The virtual conference opened on June 3, 2020 and after a one-week extension, closed on July 7, 2020.  The attendance covered 55 countries and over 28,000 hours of streamed content viewed.

The technical program can be seen here: https://www.ectc.net/about/70highlights.cfm.  Table 1 shows the top ten most attended sessions.  Advanced packaging technologies, such as Wafer-level Fan-out packaging and 3D, had the highest attendance of the technical and special sessions, with special mention to the keynote lecture from Dr. Douglas Yu of TSMC titled “Innovative Heterogeneous Integration Technologies Initiate a New Era” which got almost over 2,000 views.

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The 29th IEEE Conference on Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging and Systems (EPEPS) will take place on Oct 4-7, 2020.

EPEPS is the premier international conference on advanced and emerging issues in electrical modeling, analysis and design of electronic interconnections, packages and systems. It is jointly sponsored by the IEEE Electronics Packaging Society, IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society, and IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society.

This years EPEPS conference will be virtual. Technical program consists of technical presentation, tutorials, and keynotes. The keynote presentations for this year are:

·       Jim Held (Intel): Meeting the Challenge of Building a Scalable Quantum Computer”  

·       Daniel Dreps (IBM): High Speed and Large Bandwidth Server Computer Bus Links: Past Milestones, Current State of The Art and Future Directions”

Please visit www.epeps.org for more details with regard to the technical program and the registration options for both attendees and sponsors.

Kemal Aygun (Intel)

Date :  Nov. 12th,13th 2020

Location: Silicon Valley, CA, USA

Abstract due date:  September 15th 2020. 

Proposals for presentations as an abstract in the fields of Reliability for Electronic and Photonic Packaging are solicited under the technical areas highlighted in this link <https://attend.ieee.org/repp/> .

This symposium will focus on quantified reliability, accelerated testing and probabilistic assessments in electronics and photonics packaging. This includes failure modes, mechanisms, testing schemes, accelerated testing, stress levels, and environmental stresses.

The intent is to bring together electrical, reliability, materials, mechanical, and computer engineers and applied scientists to address the state-of-the-art in all the interconnected fields of electronic and photonic packaging.

The Symposium is driven by Photonics and Reliability technical committees of EPS and sponsored by EPS and IEEE Santa Clara Chapter.

COVID-19 : Due to the evolving nature of the pandemic, the platform that the Symposium will be delivered will be decided by end of September 2020.

REPP Symposium Committee

Peter Ramm (Fraunhofer EMFT Munich) has transitioned into leading the 3D Technology Committee (TC 3D) with co-chairs Paul Franzon and Phil Garrou. The scope of the committee is being expanded as well to include all wafer and die stacking technology including W2W and D2W with and without TSV, “Enhanced 2D”, and 3D packaging technologies (excluding packaging stacking like PoP). New focus areas will include strong interaction with the IEEE roadmap initiatives IRDS and HIR, “More Moore”, and heterogeneous integration. This is an exciting enhancement to provide more content to our community, Paul Franzon and Phil Garrou will continue to lead the 3D IC Conference from within the TC. Thanks for their past and continuing leadership!

Benson Chan (Binghamton Univ) is the new Emerging Technologies TC Chair, taking over from Karlheinz Bock whose responsibilities are increasing in the ECTC leadership chain. The contribution to our technical packaging community from Binghamton has been rapidly increasing with the Electronics Packaging Symposium, their data center thermal lab, and packaging related curriculum.

New websites are now up and running for the following TC’s: Electronic Design, Modeling & Simulation; Emerging Technology; Nanotechnology; RF & THz Technologies; Reliability; and Materials and Processing. More are soon to come. Go to these sites to learn how to join the committees, learn about the scope and leadership of the committees, and particularly enhanced technical content for the packaging community. Go to the following URL and click on the TC of choice, then click on website. More to come…


I will be working with the TC Leaders and Ravi Mahajan to create topic focus areas for future issues of this newletter. More to come. Thank you to all the TC members.

David McCann

VP Technology

AM is being utilized to demonstrate high functional density systems by integrating different device technologies within a single unit through a continuous build-up process. The process includes integrating active and passive elements, signal and power distribution, optics, MEMS, and thermal cooling and isolation, etc. Novel prototyping materials, additive manufacturing strategies, and heterogeneously integrated 3D compact systems are being developed, especially in university labs.  Circuits operating well into the THz have been demonstrated using AM. Also, AM is being adopted in the rework of circuits at the chip- and board-level, and is being used to design conformal, low-cost, light-weight packages. Packaging prototypes of chips can readily be carried out using desktop systems and the use of multiple tools and large cleanrooms can be avoided. There were 12 papers presented at ECTC 2020 related to systems integration using AM. Also, a session was dedicated to AM based packaging. Hundreds of papers have been published related to AM based packaging over the last 6 months. In the future, AM based processing will impact almost all aspects of electronic packaging.

IEEE EPS (RF & THz Technologies committee, https://site.ieee.org/cpmt-rfthz/) is working on compiling advances being made in the area of AM based packaging, putting together educational material, and giving seminars to educate the packaging community in this growing field. In addition, novel AM approaches enabling the realization of “smart” packaging structures as well as techniques for the accurate codesign and modeling of additively manufactured RF modules are a fundamental focus of this committee.

Co-Chair: Prem Chahal (Michigan State University)

Chair: Emmanouil M Tentzeris (Georgia Institute of Technology)

The ECTC would like to recognize the following individuals who contributed to an ECTC committee for either 10 to 25 years:

2020 ECTC Volunteer Awards: 25 Years

Rajen Dias – Amkor Technology, Inc.

Erdogan Madenci – University of Arizona


2020 ECTC Volunteer Awards: 10 Years

Sai Ankireddi – Maxim Integrated

Prem Chahal – Michigan State University

Bing Dang – IBM Research

Rabindra Das – MIT Lincoln Labs

Z. Rena Huang – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Soon Jang – ficonTEC, USA

Ming Li – ASM Pacific Technology

Wei-Chung Lo – ITRI

Lejun Wang – Analog Devices

Jin Yang – Intel Corporation

Myung Jin Yim – Apple, Inc.


2020 ECTC Student Travel Award

This recognition is given to first author students whose abstract scored highest during the paper selection process.  Ten students were selected based on their extended abstracts submission.


Lin Hou – KU Leuven

Noriyuki Takahashi – Tohoku University

Claudio Alvarez – Georgia Institute of Technology

Musa Mahmood – Georgia Institute of Technology

Stephen Anderson – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

S. W. Liu – National Tsing Hua University

Cheryl Selvanayagam – Singapore University of Technology and Design

Ying Yang – University of Sherbrooke

Pengbo Yu – Tsinghua University

Tian Yu – Xiamen University


2019 ECTC Best Paper Awards

A complete list for the ECTC paper awards can be seen at the 69th ECTC highlight page: https://www.ectc.net/about/69highlights.cfm

You can find the most accessed T-CPMT articles on Xplore here 

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