2020 ECTC Awards

The ECTC would like to recognize the following individuals who contributed to an ECTC committee for either 10 to 25 years:

2020 ECTC Volunteer Awards: 25 Years

Rajen Dias – Amkor Technology, Inc.

Erdogan Madenci – University of Arizona


2020 ECTC Volunteer Awards: 10 Years

Sai Ankireddi – Maxim Integrated

Prem Chahal – Michigan State University

Bing Dang – IBM Research

Rabindra Das – MIT Lincoln Labs

Z. Rena Huang – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Soon Jang – ficonTEC, USA

Ming Li – ASM Pacific Technology

Wei-Chung Lo – ITRI

Lejun Wang – Analog Devices

Jin Yang – Intel Corporation

Myung Jin Yim – Apple, Inc.


2020 ECTC Student Travel Award

This recognition is given to first author students whose abstract scored highest during the paper selection process.  Ten students were selected based on their extended abstracts submission.


Lin Hou – KU Leuven

Noriyuki Takahashi – Tohoku University

Claudio Alvarez – Georgia Institute of Technology

Musa Mahmood – Georgia Institute of Technology

Stephen Anderson – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

S. W. Liu – National Tsing Hua University

Cheryl Selvanayagam – Singapore University of Technology and Design

Ying Yang – University of Sherbrooke

Pengbo Yu – Tsinghua University

Tian Yu – Xiamen University


2019 ECTC Best Paper Awards

A complete list for the ECTC paper awards can be seen at the 69th ECTC highlight page: https://www.ectc.net/about/69highlights.cfm