Technology Committee Updates

Peter Ramm (Fraunhofer EMFT Munich) has transitioned into leading the 3D Technology Committee (TC 3D) with co-chairs Paul Franzon and Phil Garrou. The scope of the committee is being expanded as well to include all wafer and die stacking technology including W2W and D2W with and without TSV, “Enhanced 2D”, and 3D packaging technologies (excluding packaging stacking like PoP). New focus areas will include strong interaction with the IEEE roadmap initiatives IRDS and HIR, “More Moore”, and heterogeneous integration. This is an exciting enhancement to provide more content to our community, Paul Franzon and Phil Garrou will continue to lead the 3D IC Conference from within the TC. Thanks for their past and continuing leadership!

Benson Chan (Binghamton Univ) is the new Emerging Technologies TC Chair, taking over from Karlheinz Bock whose responsibilities are increasing in the ECTC leadership chain. The contribution to our technical packaging community from Binghamton has been rapidly increasing with the Electronics Packaging Symposium, their data center thermal lab, and packaging related curriculum.

New websites are now up and running for the following TC’s: Electronic Design, Modeling & Simulation; Emerging Technology; Nanotechnology; RF & THz Technologies; Reliability; and Materials and Processing. More are soon to come. Go to these sites to learn how to join the committees, learn about the scope and leadership of the committees, and particularly enhanced technical content for the packaging community. Go to the following URL and click on the TC of choice, then click on website. More to come…

I will be working with the TC Leaders and Ravi Mahajan to create topic focus areas for future issues of this newletter. More to come. Thank you to all the TC members.

David McCann

VP Technology