IEEE EPS Swiss Webinar

Title: High Thermal Conductivity Materials Towards Efficient Thermal Management of Electronic Devices: Application And Modelling

Date: Sept. 30, 2021

Time: 16:00 [CET]

Presenters:    Dr. Erich Neubauer, Managing Director, RPH Technology GMBH, Austria               

                      Michiel de Monchy, Applications Manager Die Attach and Preforms Europe, Macdermid Alpha Assembly Solutions, The                            Netherlands

                      Guido Spinola Durante, Expert, CSEM SA, Switzerland


Abstract: As miniaturization trend for semiconductor chips continues, power density is increasing rapidly. So it has become very important, especially for high power semiconductors or high power lasers to remove the heat away from the chip efficiently and rapidly, to ensure a long life time for the chips. This webinar will focus on usage of high thermal conductivity materials as die attach and substrate materials for efficient heat removal.

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