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3-D Printed Metal-Pipe Rectangular Waveguides

Mario D’Auria ; William J. Otter ; Jonathan Hazell ; Brendan T. W. Gillatt ; Callum Long-Collins ; Nick M. Ridler ; Stepan Lucyszyn

Publication Year: 2015, Page(s):1339 - 1349 

Inkjet Printing of Wideband Stacked Microstrip Patch Array Antenna on Ultrathin Flexible Substrates

Wen Tao Li ; Yong Qiang Hei ; Peter Mack Grubb ; Xiao-Wei Shi ;Ray T. Chen

Publication Year: 2018, Page(s):1695 – 1701

Flexible Hybrid Electronics Technology Using Die-First FOWLP for High-Performance and Scalable Heterogeneous System Integration

Takafumi Fukushima ; Arsalan Alam ; Amir Hanna ; Siva Chandra Jangam ; Adeel Ahmad Bajwa ; Subramanian S. Iyer

Publication Year: 2018, Page(s):1738 – 1746

Electronics Thermal Management in Information and Communications Technologies: Challenges and Future Directions

Suresh V. Garimella ; Tim Persoons ; Justin A. Weibel ; Vadim Gektin

Publication Year: 2017, Page(s):1191 - 1205 

Die Attach Materials for High Temperature Applications: A Review

Vemal Raja Manikam ; Kuan Yew Cheong

Publication Year: 2011, Page(s):457 - 478  


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