ITherm 2020 Best Papers Available as Open Access

For a limited time, the best papers and Dick Chu Award paper from ITherm 2020 will be available as open access.

“Embedded Microchannel Cooling for High Power-Density GaN-on-Si Power Integrated Circuits”

Remco van Erp, Georgios Kampitsis, Luca Nela, Reza Soleimanzadeh Ardebili, Elison Matioli


“General Thermosyphon Simulation Code for Electronics Cooling Applications”

Jackson B. Marcinichen, Raffaele L. Amalfi, Filippo Cataldo, John R. Thome


“Modelling Indium Interconnects for Ultra Fine-Pitch Focal Plane Arrays”

Stoyan Stoyanov, Chris Bailey, Rhys Waite, Christopher Hicks, Terry Golding


“Additively Manufacturing Nitinol as a Solid-State Phase Change Material”

Darin J. Sharar, Adam A. Wilson, Asher Leff,  Andrew Smith, K. Can Atli, Alaa Elwany,  Raymundo Arroyave, Ibrahim Karaman


Dick Chu Paper Award

“Quiet Revolutions: How Advanced Microelectronics Packaging Continues to Drive Heterogeneous Integration”

Ravi Mahajan