3DIC Technical Committee Update

IEEE 3DIC 2019

Paul Franzon, paulf@ncsu.edu, Tetsu Tanaka, ttanaka@bme.tohoku.ac.jp

The IEEE International 3D Systems Integration Conference was held in Sendai Japan, October 8-10, 2019.  Dr. Tetsu Tanaka, the conference chair.  We had 221 attendees, including 76 speakers and 75 exhibitors.   In the conference, the best student paper was given to Mr. Sreejith K. Rajan of GA tech. Student poster awards were given to Ms. Rui Liang of Tohoku Univ, Ms. Hanna Soneda of Tokushima Univ, Mr. Shunsuke Hanatani of Kansai Univ, and Mr. Sungho Lee of Tohoku Univ.

Highlights of the conference included the following:

-          A special ceremony honoring Prof. Mitsumasa Koyanagi and Dr. Peter Ramm on their receiving the IEEE Electronics Packaging Award for their contributions to 3DIC technology. They both gave very interesting talks with a historical perspective.

-          A plenary talk by Prof. Subramanian Iyer, UCLA,  on the upcoming dielets “craze.”

-          A plenary talk by Dr. Timothy Hancock, DARPA, on Heterogeneous and 3D integration at DARPA

-          A plenary talk by Prof. Masayuki Ohzeki, Tohoku University, on Quantum Annealing

-          Invited talks by

o   Dr. Yoshihisa Kagawa, Sony, 3D Integration Technologies for the Stacked CMOS Image Sensors

o   Dr. Akia Matsuzawas, Tech Idea, Universal ADC for Sensor Applications

o   Dr. Chuei-Tang Wang, TSMC, Power-Performance Advantages of InFO Technology for Advanced System Integration

o   Dr. Farhang Yazdani, BroadPak, Advances in Substrate Manufacturing for AI/HPC and 5G Packaging

o   Prof. Tadao Nakamura, Keio University, An Introduction to Marching Memory (MM)

o   Dr. Ho-Young Son, SK Hynix, Future Challenges to Packaging Technologies of High Bandwidth Memory

o   Dr. Pascal Vivet, CEA-LETI, Monolithic 3D as an Alternative to Advanced CMOS Scaling: Technology, Design and Architecture Perspectives

o   Prof. Paul Franzon, NC State University, Future Directions for 3DIC Technology and Design

o   Prof. Tadatomo Suga, Innovative Bonding Technology for 3D Integration


There were two social events, including a Sake Barrel opening jointly done by Peter and Mitsu!

We look forward to 3DIC 2020 to be held in California in October 2020.  Please contact us if you are interested in participating.


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