Limited Time: ECTC 2019 Best Papers Open Access

From January 1 - June 1, 2020, the Best Paper winners from ECTC 2019 will be available to everyone!

1)       Best Session Paper

Perceval Coudrain, Jean Charbonnier, Arnaud Garnier, Pascal Vivet, Rémi Vélard, Andrea Vinci, Fabienne Ponthenier, Alexis Farcy, Roselyne Segaud, Pascal Chausse, Lucile Arnaud, Didier Lattard, Eric Guthmuller, Giovanni Romano, Alain Gueugnot, Frédéric Berger, Jérôme Beltritti, Therry Mourier, Mathilde Gottardi, Stéphane Minoret, Céline Ribière, Gilles Romero, Pierre-Emile Philip, Yorrick Exbrayat, Daniel Scevola, Didier Campos, Maxime Argoud, Nacima Allouti, Raphaël Eleouet, César Fuguet Tortolero, Christophe Aumont, Denis Dutoit, Corinne Legalland, Jean Michailos, Séverine Chéramy,  Gilles Simon - CEA LETI

“Active Interposer Technology for Chiplet-Based Advanced 3D System Architectures”

2). Best Interactive Presentation Paper

H.T. Hung, S.Yang, I. A. Weng, Y. H. Chen, C. R. Kao-National Taiwan University, Y.H. Chen-Unimicron Corp.

“Low Temperature and Pressureless Microfluidic Electroless Bonding Process for Vertical Interconnection”

3). Outstanding Session Paper

Horst Theuss, Christian Geissler, Franz-Xaver Muehlbauer, Claus von Waechter, Thomas Kilger, Juergen Wagner, Thomas Fischer, Ulf Bartl, Stephan Helbig, Alfred Sigl, Dominic Maier, Bernd Goller, Matthias Vobl, Matthias Herrmann, Johannes Lodermeyer, Ulrich Krumbein - Infineon Technologies AG; Alfons Dehe - Hahn-Schickard 

A MEMS Microphone in a FOWLP” 

4). Outstanding Interactive Presentation Paper

Jiefeng Xu, Scott McCann, Huayan Wang, Jing Wang, VanLai Pham, Stephen R. Cain, S.B. Park-The State University of New York at Binghamton, Gamal Refai-Ahmed-Xilinx, Inc.

An Assessment of Electromigration in 2.5D Packaging

To highlight the best/outstanding papers selected from each of the EPS flagship conferences (ECTC, ESTC and EPTC), travel funding will be provided to attend another EPS flagship conference.  One author will be invited to present their best/outstanding paper (up to US$2,125 for intercontinental travel and up to US$1,375 for intracontinental travel). Only one trip per paper will be allowed (one co-author can be invited; preference for original presenter) and can only be taken within 12 months of award.