A Message from the EPS VP-Technology

From:  David McCann/Incoming EPS VP Technology

It is great to be a part of the Technology Working Group (TWG).   Pat Thompson led the definition of goals of the TWG for the next three years and we will be focusing on identifying and implementing best methods to execute successfully to those goals. 

Our primary short/medium term goal is to increase the impact of our Technical Committees (TCs) and to help them become a go-to source of technical content for the Packaging Engineering EPS universe.  To that end, we are updating each TC website to the new EPS format and then will be uploading new content topical to each TC’s field on at least a quarterly frequency.  Denise Manning has added a link (thanks!) to the new webpage format for interested people to click on to get involved with the TC of their choice. 

We have started quarterly meetings for the TC leaders to align on our goals and share learning.   We will have two quarterly meeting times so those around the world can join at a convenient time in their geography. 

A draft charter for TC’s has been completed (thanks to Raj Pulugurtha!) and reviewed with the TC leaders.   The goal of the charter is to align TC leaders and members to high-level expectations of the TC’s.

Bill Chen has done a great job of linking the TC and HIR team leads together and we look forward to increasing collaboration there and putting links on the TC web page for the related HIR web page and vise versa.

We have also circulated a matrix of initiatives and activities that EPS is engaged in to the TC leaders so they have greater awareness of collaboration opportunities with related technology groups.

Lastly, we are excited to be working with the ECTC on a Photonics focus in Orlando at the next conference and with Avi Bar-Cohen on for engaging EPS to be a technical sponsor of the IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering during IEEE Quantum Week. 



I look forward to working with you all.  Please contact me at davidmccann11@gmail.com.