EPS Membership Survey: Thank You and Next Steps

In December 2020, EPS launched a survey sent to EPS members with the objective to get feedback on overall satisfaction with EPS benefits, what resources are important to them, and how they prefer to receive information from the Society.  Nearly 300 of our members responded to this survey, and I’d like to say thank you very much to those of you who provided your thoughts and opinions…your time is very much appreciated!  When this survey was sent to our members, we indicated that we would provide a summary of some of the feedback we received.  The following are a few of the insights we received from the survey that we think will be interesting for our members.

Overall member satisfaction with EPS seems to be very good…77% of respondents indicated they are satisfied or highly satisfied and nearly 90% indicated their intention to renew their EPS membership.  Obviously, these data points indicate there is some opportunity for us to improve (19% were neutral on their EPS satisfaction and nearly 5% were not likely to renew their membership), and so we will continue to work on ways that your EPS membership can provide increased professional, technical, and personal value to you.


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