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Key Talks on the Future of Heterogeneous Integration:

-- 8 plenary talks from NIST, DoD, IBM, Samsung, Intel, AMD, ITRI, Penn State, working group reports ...
    -- Thursday-Friday, February 23-24, 2023
    -- In-person at SEMI World Hdqtrs, Milpitas, and via WebEx    

    -- Cost: $75 (includes lunches) or $40 (via WebEx)

-- "HI Platform for Next Generation Computing (‘Beyond Moore’)" Dr Moonsoo Kang, Executive Vice President, Advanced Packaging Business, Samsung Electronics
-- "HI Development – Interdisciplinary Innovations" Dr. Xin Wu, Corporate Vice President, Advanced Micro Devices
-- "AI for Chip Technology and Heterogeneous Integration" Dr. Wei Chen Lo, Deputy General Director, Electronic/Opto System Rsch Labs, ITRI
-- "High-Bandwidth Interconnect for an Open Chiplet Ecosystem" Dr. Debendra Das Sharma, Senior Fellow, Intel Corp.
-- "The CHIPS Act-related National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program" Dr Scott Sikorski, Technology Business Development Executive, IBM Corp.
-- "HI for the Next Decade – An Academic Perspective" Prof. Madhavan Swaminathan, Center for Heterogeneous Integration & EE Dept Head, Penn State University
... plus talks from NIST, Dept of Defense; key updates from HI Roadmap Working-Groups

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ECTC 2023


The premier international packaging, components, and microelectronics systems technology conference.

ECTC is the only event that offers an outstanding array of packaging technology information and four full days of engaging seminars. The over 350 technical papers cover advanced packaging technologies such as wafer-level and fan-out packaging, 2.5D, 3D and heterogeneous integration, interposers, advanced substrate, assembly, materials modeling, reliability, interconnections, packaging for high speed and high bandwidth, photonics, quantum electronics, flexible and printed electronics.

The 2023 Program Includes:

  • 41 Technical sessions with a total number of 350+ technical papers including:
  • 5 Interactive Session including one student session
  • 9 Special invited sessions plus a diversity panel and a Young Professionals event
  • 16 CEU-approved Professional Development Courses

To learn more about the conference go to the ECTC website and join the ECTC LinkedIn group to receive the latest updates on the most important topics in microelectronic packaging. 

Program details can be found here

Professional Development Courses  

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May 10 - 12, 2023

Tyndall National Institute

 Cork, Ireland



This 2.5 day 3DIC Conference will include Invited Presentations, Solicited Presentations, Posters, and a Special Panel Session on “Future Directions for 3DIC”. Attendees can also participate in a tour of Tyndall’s state-of-the-art facilities for materials synthesis, fabrication, packaging and characterisation of microelectronics, MEMS and photonics materials, devices and circuits.

Abstract submission: February 23rd 2023

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Paper Submission Deadline March 1, 2023

The IEEE International Workshop on Advances in Sensors and Interfaces (IWASI) is a premier bi-annual workshop on sensors and sensor interfaces that for 20 years haspresented advances and disruptive solutions in the fields of software, architecture,design, manufacturing and materials for sensors and integrated circuits.

The 9th edition of the IEEE IWASI focuses on modelling, analysis, design anddevelopment of embedded cyber-physical systems, sensors and actuators forpersonalized medicine and healthcare applications, machine learning for low powerembedded systems and smart sensing applications, high-energy physics, chemicalsensing, autonomous sensors and interfaces, hard- and software co-design for securityand cryptography, autonomous driving and security for airplanes and trains.

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Electronics Packaging Chapter

Chiplet Design and Heterogeneous Integration Packaging

-- SoC, AMD, Intel, TSMC, IBM, interposer, substrates, attach, assembly, trends ...

Speaker: John H Lau, Unimicron Technology Corporation

Date: Thursday, March 9, 2023

Location: in person at SEMI World Hdqtrs, Milpitas, CA USA (and via WebEx)

Time: Checkin at SEMI (sandwiches and drinks) at 11:30 AM (PST); Presentation at noon (PST). WebEx at noon.

Cost: none

vTools Information: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/336549

Registration: https://r6.ieee.org/scv-eps/?p=2991

Summary: Performance requirements for today’s semiconductor and optoelectronic devices are leading to shrinking geometries, more complex 3-dimensional structures, and new materials. High temperatures, hot spots and temperature spikes can have a major impact on reliability. It is essential that one have a thorough understanding of static and dynamic thermal performance under operating and static conditions. This has traditionally been complex, time consuming, and often lacked the resolution required to detect thermal anomalies that could lead to early device failures. Fortunately, advances in thermal imaging techniques that combine the benefits of thermoreflectance-based analysis with illumination wavelengths from near-ultraviolet to near infrared coupled with infrared thermography can support thermal, spatial, and transient resolution consistent with today’s advanced complex device structures and shrinking geometries. In addition, equipment has advanced to considerably reduce the time and cost to get accurate results. Many examples will be shared to fully illustrate the device thermal behaviors that can be detected with these advanced thermal analysis techniques.

IEEE COMCAS 2023, The International Conference on Microwaves, Communications, Antennas, Biomedical Engineering & Electronic Systems, will be held from November 6-8, 2023, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

IEEE COMCAS is one of the world's leading IEEE conferences, where we welcome scientists, engineers, managers, and researchers (from academia, industry, and government institutions) from all over the world. In 2023, the International IEEE COMCAS conference will continue to evolve and provide an advanced multidisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas, research results, and industry experience in a range of key areas, i.e., microwaves, communications and sensors, antennas, biomedical engineering, RF and microwave devices and circuits, thermal management and electronic packaging, signal processing, and imaging, as well as radar, acoustics, and microwave system engineering.

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The 2023 IEEE EPS membership certificates are now available.

 2023 EPS Certificate FINAL

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