Future Packaging Vision Competition at ECTC 2020

The IEEE EPS President’ Panel explores the path of packaging technologies towards the future.  Visions of future packaging technologies are presented by students and discussed with EPS expertsin the field. The best student packaging visions will be selected by an expert panel recruited from EPS and ECTC technologists and awarded the EPS FPV Awards at the panel session.  In the frame of the EPS packaging technology vision contest, selected students with ECTC 2020 papers will be invited to propose their electronics packaging technologies visions to a review board assembled around the EPS President from IEEE EPS experts. They will prepare a short slide set in advance of the full paper submission. The selected/invited students will present their slide set with the bigger picture of their research work and their visions for the future (about the impact of their research field and work expected) at the panel session. Student ECTC authors are specifically encouraged to apply. The EPS President’s Panel provides an enhanced opportunity to dialog with our younger colleagues in order to involve them and their way of thinking as early as possible into the discussion on future packaging technologies within the EPS. The result is to identify significant future packaging technologies in order to best serve IEEE and the electronics community by motivating and involving the very high potential of our students.

If your student paper has been accepted to ECTC 2020 and you are interested in participating please inform us as soon possible with the following information

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Karlheinz Bock: EPS Emerging Technologies Technical Committee Chair 

Denise Manning: EPS Executive Director