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EPS is expanding its Certificate Program to provide two Certificates of Distinguished Achievement.

The EPS Certificate Program is offered only to EPS members. As an EPS member one can tap into the IEEE and EPS Education Benefits.  The program provides a pathway for both "early" career as well as "mid-career" professionals to highlight their accomplishments and recognition. Two new Certificates of Distinguished Achievement will be added to the education portfolio along with the current EPS Certificate of Achievement. 

The EPS Distinguished Achievement Certificates will enable a "mid-career" professional to showcase both technical and service constributions to EPS and industry. More details on the EPS Distinguished Achievement Certificates for Technical Leadership and Expertise, and for Professional Engagement and Service will be be available on the EPS Education page soon,.


Date: Wednesday, 24 February 2021
Time: 7:30 AM – 12:30 PM PST
    (followed by two days of optional working-group meetings)
Cost: none
Location: On the Internet (via Zoom)
Reservations: eps2102sym.eventbrite.com

The IEEE’s Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap is 600+ pages of details across all areas of advanced packaging, covering pre-competitive information for industry, working engineers, and academia. It is intended to guide product development over the next decade, with projections out through 2034.

Program Outline: (expect updates over the next several weeks, to add topics and speakers)
    (all times USA-Pacific time – PST)
07:30 AM – Welcome & Thanks to organizers & Sponsors
07:40 AM – HIR 2020 Achievement Retrospective (Report Card)
08:20 AM – Plenary 1: Ajit Manocha, President and CEO, SEMI
09:00 AM – Plenary 2: DARPA Speaker
09:40 AM – break
09:50 AM – Plenary 3: Supercomputer speaker
10:30 AM – Plenary 4: AI Speaker
11:10 AM – Plenary 5: HIR Science Speaker
11:50 AM – Wrap-Up – Charge to Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap Team – Nicky Lu
12:20 PM – Profile of Day 2 & 3 TWG Workshop agenda

February 25 & 26: TWG workshops: Cross TWG Panels + workshops and Invited Speakers

Upcoming webinars from the EPS Santa Clara Valley (SCV) Chapter. If you Chapter is interested in co-sponsoring, please contact the SCV Chapter Chair - annette@ieee.org.

You can register here: https://ieee-region6.org/scv-eps/ 


Virtual for 2021

California time

Speaker location



speaker affiliation

Jan 28, 2021


St. Paul, MN

High performance & reliable aerosol jet printed 3D interconnects for bare die & components

Bryan Germann



Feb 11, 2021


San Jose

Design analysis of chiplet interfaces for heterogenous systems

Wendem Beyene, DL


Feb 24-26, 2021

Half days for 3 days


HIR 4th Annual Meeting

12 Working Group sessions over 3 days


Mar 18, 2021


Auburn, AL

Additively-printed multilayer flexible substrates with Z-axis interconnects

Pradeep Lall, DL


Auburn U.

April 15, 2021


Helsinki, Finland

Sustainable electronics

Mervi Paulasto-Krockel, DL


Aalto U., Finland

May 13, 2021


Boston, MA

Packaging for quantum computing

Rabindra Das


MIT Lincoln Lab

June 10, 2021

8:00 AM

St. Florian, Austria

Low temperature wafer bonding

Jurgen Burggraf



June 17, 2021

8:00 AM

Enschede, Netherlands

Photonics assembly

Brad Snyder, Jeroen Duis



Title:  Heterogeneous Integration of Surface Ion Trap, Silicon Photonics and 3D-TSV for Quantum Computing

Date: February 25, 2021

Time: 6:00 - 7:30 PT

Presenter: Chuan Seng Tan


The past decade has been exciting years for quantum computing. In 2016, IBM introduced the first superconductor-based quantum computer (IBM Q) entangling all 16 qubits with great versatility in nuclear magnetic resonance and cavity quantum electrodynamic applications. Meanwhile, Google reported quantum supremacy in the use of the Sycamore processor with 53 programmable superconducting qubits, taking 200 seconds to perform computing tasks which would take approximately 10,000 years in classical computers. To further improve the qubit performances (e.g. fidelity, coherent time) and scalability, ion qubits have been widely reported in quantum computing applications. MIT and ETH Zurich have reported the integration of on-chip photonics components into surface electrode (SE) ion traps. For the industrialization of ion trap quantum computing devices, Honeywell reported quantum charge coupled devices (QCCD) which trap, transport and address multiple ions simultaneously. However, these quantum computing devices require niche fabrication techniques which limits the universality of quantum computing technology.

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The ITherm 2021 Virtual Conference will be held June 1-4. ITherm 2021 Virtual is packed with many live and recorded activities. Registration fees for the virtual conference are greatly reduced from previous years and include access to all virtual live and recorded events and an electronic copy of the conference proceedings.

Join us from 12:00-5:00 PM Eastern on June 1st-4th for daily live events including: 3 Keynote Talks from prominent speakers, 3 Technology-Talk sessions providing deep dive discussions on high profile topics; and the returning joint ASME K-16 / IEEE EPS Student Design Challenge on additive manufacturing of heat sinks, sponsored by GE. Recorded events will be available starting June 1st, and will include over 150 technical papers in 4 Technical Tracks and 40+ Student Posters in a live virtual poster session as a highly engaging forum on the latest research.

ITherm CONFERENCEhttps://www.ieee-itherm.net/itherm/conference/home

ACCESS TO MATERIALS: Live streaming and on-demand recordings

LIVE STREAMING HOURS:  12:00 PM – 5:00 PM (EDT), June 1-3, 2021

                                                12:00 PM – 2:30 PM (EDT) June 4, 2021


Cluj-Napoca is a large university city at the very heart of the best-known part of Romania: Transylvania. The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (TUC-N), with over 20.000 students and more than 1.500 staff members, is the second-largest of the ten higher-education institutions located in the city. It comprises twelve faculties, of which the largest three are Automation & Computer Science, Electronics & Information Technology and Electrical Engineering The Technical University Today - Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (utcluj.ro)

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The Technical Committees are looking for web administrators for the Test Technical Committee and the Power and Energy Technical Committee.  This is an opportunity to serve EPS by making contributions and an opportunity in our Technical Committees for visibility and for the new web administrator to be mentored by leaders in our Packaging and Test community.  If interested, please contact Pooya.Tadayon@intel.com for Test and Patrick McCluskey at mcclupa@umd.edu for Power and Energy.   You can see an example of a web page at https://cmte.ieee.org/eps-edms/

You can find the most accessed T-CPMT articles on Xplore here 

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