Second Annual REPP - Call for Abstracts

Symposium on Reliability for Electronics and Photonics Packaging

 Reliability, Failure Modes and Testing for Integration of Electronics and Photonics (SiPh)

1112 November 2021    Silicon Valley, CA  USA

REPP’21 is planned to be a hybrid event, with both inperson and WebEx participation

This symposium will focus on quantified reliability, accelerated testing and probabilistic assessments of the useful lifetime of electronic, photonic, MEMS and MOEMS materials, assemblies, packages and systems in electronics and photonics packaging.  This includes failure modes, mechanisms, testing schemes, accelerated testing, stress levels, and environmental stresses.

The intent is to bring together electrical, reliability, materials, mechanical, and computer engineers and applied scientists to address the stateoftheart in all the interconnected fields of electronic and photonic packaging, with an emphasis on various reliabilityrelated aspects: designforreliability, manufacturing, reliability modeling and accelerated testing.

Proposals for presentations in the fields of Reliability for Electronic and Photonic

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