In our April EPS Newsletter, we proposed a definition of chiplets.  Please see the EPS website:

Definitions - IEEE Electronics Packaging Society

This has generated continuing interest within EPS and with external groups, specifically around what is most needed to support chiplet technology adoption, what should our role be in supporting that adoption, and how should we support adoption?

1.     What is most needed?  We believe that standards, particularly for interconnect architecture and test, are what is most needed to drive widespread adoption of chiplets into products.

2.     Our role:  Our role in EPS is to support standards organizations to help drive successful chiplet technology adoption.  We are not a standards organization and will not be driving a standard on our own.  We encourage our members to participate in existing standardization efforts. 

3.     How can we best support standard development and adoption?   OCP (Open Compute Project) has initiated the ODSA (Open Domain-Specific Architecture) industry effort to draft a specification for chiplet interconnect that could then become a standard over time.  We have also started discussion with JEDEC and linked JEDEC to the ODSA project to explore if JEDEC can take a leading role in driving a chiplet standard.

Visit the ODSA website at the address below to better understand their project and needs:

If you are interested in supporting the ODSA effort, you can contact Lei Shan at:

David McCann, EPS VP Technology

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