Selected Nanotechnology Advances in Interconnections, Power, RF and Sensor Integration at ECTC 2022

Nanopackaging can be defined as the packaging of devices and systems with nanoscale materials, structures, designs and process integration for improved performance, miniaturization, functionality, reliability and cost. Nanopackaging seeks to bridge the gap between nanoscale ICs,  and the rest of the milliscale and microscale system components. Furthermore, all major aspects of future system integration: improved functional density, higher power densities and power efficiency, higher bandwidth with lower power, improved thermal management, sensor fusion and integration, and better reliability rely on Nanopackaging. These examples are illustrated in Fig. 1. ECTC 2022 showcased some of the nanotechnology advances that have been systematically addressing the challenges associated with heterogeneous integration. This newsletter article describes these advances in the respective categories. 

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