NextFlex Community FHE Requirements for Medical, Health & Wearables

In support of the IEEE Heterogenous Integration Roadmap, Jason Marsh, Director of Technology at NextFlex, recently spoke on behalf of the NextFlex community led by Mark Poliks of Binghamton University and Nancy Stoffel of GE Global Research. NextFlex was pleased to participate given the broad industry support for roadmap activities, and noted that support for the Medical, Health and Wearables TWG has increased significantly. Roadmapping is core to NextFlex’s DNA, having ramped up multiple roadmapping activities over the past two years. Establishing a roadmap that is shared by industry leaders to help guide investment and development to advance manufacturing capabilities to extend beyond Moore’s law is critical to the development of wearable and implantable medical devices, as well as for delivering on the promise of the Internet of Things.

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