Changes Approved by Board

At the December 8, 2018 EPS Board of Governors (BoG) meeting the following changes to the BoG composition were approved. These changes were previously communicated to our members in the December 2018, pending approvel. They have now received the necessary approvals. 


The Program Director - Membership Programs position is now an Officer position on the Board. The position is now the Vice President - Membership. Alan Huffman has been appointed to this position.

The Member at Large position vacated by Alan Huffman has been filled by Yan Liu, who also serves as the IEEE EPS Young Professional Representative. 

One additional Member at Large position will be added to the Board of Governors and will be reserved for a Young Professional. The terms of service and term limits will the the same for all Members at Large. The Young Professional Member at Large will be elected by all members of the Society from a slate that is finalized by the Nominations Committee. The new position will be voted on in the 2020 elections.