Technical Committee (TC) – Electrical Design, Modeling, and Simulation (EDMS)

The Electrical Design, Modeling, and Simulation technical committee of the Electronics Packaging Society (EPS) addresses the electrical aspects of package and system design. The TC name is descriptive of the scope of issues of interest to the members. The committee strives to balance the industry and academic participation to guide the members of the EPS society in this area. The TC chairs are Dr. Dale Becker, IBM, Prof. Stefano Grivet-Talocia, Politecnico di Torino, and Prof. Rohit Sharma, IIT Ropar.


Recently, EDMS has initiated a joint industry – academic effort to establish a “Package Benchmark Suite.” This effort is chaired by Dr. Fei Guo of AMD and Prof. Ali Yilmaz of UT-Austin and has about 15 active participants. Initial package designs are nearing availability through this effort to represent signal distribution and power distribution. Dr. Kemal Aygun presented a detailed overview of this effort as a session and led a productive planning meeting in October 2019 at the EPEPS conference in Montreal.

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