EPS Malaysia Upcoming Webinar

Title 1: Flip Chip Die Attach Fluxes from Industry Perspective

Title 2: Reliability Issues Related to No-clean Flux

Date: 22nd Mar 2022 (Tuesday)

Time: 10.00am – 11.30am (M’sia Time, GMT +8:00)

Platform: CISCO WebEx

Presenter 1: Mr. Azham Mohd Sukemi

Presenters 2: Prof. A. S. M. A. Haseeb, Mr. Saif Wakeel (2 speakers)

Title 1 Abstract:

Flux is a crucial element in flip chip attach (FCA) process as its performance directly influences reliability of a package.  In this presentation, the significance of FCA flux and issues associated with flux residue will be addressed briefly.  The selection of flux type (Clean vs. Non-Clean) and the reason of why industry prefers one type over the other will also be discussed.

Title 2 Abstract:

The complexity of cleaning of miniaturized, high density electronic packages and the drive towards cost reduction have recently led to an increasing interest in no-clean fluxes (NCF).  However, chemically induced reliability issues related to no-clean flux residues remain a serious concern.  The first part of this talk gives an overview on the typical chemical constituents of NCF, their compositional ranges and functions. In the second part, our recent research results on the characterization and performance of two commercial no-clean fluxes in fine pitch flip-chip package are presented. Comparison is also made with a commercial water soluble flux (WSF). Results show that the NCF treated flip chip packages offer improved wetting and die pull strength of solder bumps after reflow, compared with those treated by the WSF. However, the NCF treated packages perform poorly in moisture sensitivity and temperature cycling tests. Attempt is made to understand the relationship between the characteristics of the fluxes, their performance in flip chip packages and failure mechanisms.

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