Limited Time: ECTC 2018 Best Papers Open Access

From April 1 - June 1, 2019, the Best Paper winners from ECTC 2018 will be available to everyone!

1) Best Session Paper
Boettge, Bianca, F. Naumann, S. Behrendt, M. G. Scheibel, S. Kaessner, S. Klengel, M. Petzold et al. "Material characterization of advanced cement-based encapsulation systems for efficient power electronics with increased power density 
2) Best Interactive Presentation Paper
Ostrowicki, Gregory, Siva Gurrum, and Amit Nangia. "Correlated Model for Wafer Warpage Prediction of Arbitrarily Patterned Films.

3) Outstanding Session Paper
Del Carro, Luca, Martin Kossatz, Lucas Schnackenberg, Matthias Fettke, Ian Clark, and Thomas Brunschwiler. "Laser Sintering of Dip-Based All-Copper Interconnects." 

4) Outstanding Interactive Presentation Paper
Brand, Sebastian, Bianca Böttge, Michael Kögel, Falk Naumann, Jurrian Zijl, Sebastiaan Kersjes, Thomas Behrens, and Frank Altmann. "Non-destructive Assessment of the Porosity in Silver (Ag) Sinter Joints Using Acoustic Waves."